How To Decorate Your Garden Themed Wedding

Lots of brides and grooms will opt for an outdoor wedding nowadays. It is usually an ideal option if you want to go for something modern. A garden themed event can be perfect.

The decorations of a wedding are always important. With some unique decoration ideas, your event will be more special. Unique wedding decorations can make every guest remember your event. So, let us discuss how to decorate your garden themed wedding now.

bride in garden

First of all, let us talk about how you should choose the decorations. Remember, an outdoor event is different from an indoor one. You will at least consider the weather when you plan your outdoor wedding. This is something you do not need to consider for an indoor event. You need to prepare for the wind and the rain. As a result, decorations have to be wind-proof. Besides, they should not be easily destroyed by the rain.

Getting married in a garden is totally different from doing it in a church. You do not have a stage in the garden. To this end, you may need to create it so that you can stand on it when you say I DO. You have to discuss with your decorator to see how you can create the stage. There are some standard options you can consider. For example, you can get an arch and decorate it with flowers. The arch can become your “stage”. Alternatively, you can also rent a small tent. In this case, you will be exchanging your vows in the tent.

Of course you will invite a lot of guests to your wedding. You have to prepare the seating area well. First of all, you can decorate the area with a lot of fresh flowers. Using flowers will match your garden theme. For the aisle, you can use some rose petals to decorate it. If you want a personalized aisle, you can even print your names on the aisle runner. You do not need to prepare some fancy chairs. Simple wooden seats will be perfect. It is because they can help to reinforce your main wedding theme.

Usually, you will put the wedding favors on the reception tables. You can also do that if you are going to have the reception in the garden as well. The wedding favors can become a part of your decorations. If you are going to create a box for these small tokens, you can choose paper with a natural look and color. You can even choose some miniatures of bird cages as the favors. This will further match your garden themed event.

At this point, you may ask what you can do if you want to get more ideas for the garden wedding decorations. You can look for new ideas online. This is what most brides and grooms do. You can even borrow the ideas you see on the web. Remember, your garden themed wedding should be a unique one. It should also reflect your personality. Besides, you will have to make sure that every guest can enjoy your big day!


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