How to Find The Ideal Wedding Venue

Planning your wedding should be as exciting as the event itself.  However, with the many choices that need to be made, it can be a trying experience. Picking a wedding site can be one of the most difficult choices to make—but it doesn’t have to be.  Utilize the following advice to narrow down the perfect site for your event, stress-free:

Money, Money, Money

Because venues usually charge a rental fee, it’s important to create a budget before deciding on one. Only visit venues that are within your budget so that you don’t fall in love with a location that you can’t afford.

Wedding Size

Come up with your full guest list and ensure that the amount is possible based on any size limitations or minimums that your venue calls for.

Timing is Everything

Check the contract of your venue to ensure that it states all time windows for preparing and cleaning up the event as well as for the ceremony itself.  Make sure that you will be allowed enough time to set up before the event begins. Note if there is a curfew required to have your event at the venue– if so, confirm that it fits with your desired timetable.

Agreement of Officiator

Make sure that your officiator will perform at the venue that you choose. Some officiants will not perform ceremonies outside of the church.


To narrow down a wedding location, choose a spot that suits the theme of your event.  Determine whether you want your wedding to be outdoors or indoors.  If you decide to wed at an outdoor site, it is suggested to secure an additional indoor facility for your event in case there is unexpected weather.

Fall, Spring, Winter or Summer

Choose what time of year you want your event to occur during.  The season you choose will help more clearly shape the theme of your wedding and help you decide on a venue.

Religious or Secular

Determine if you want a ceremony that is religious or nonreligious.  Thinking about your religious beliefs and family history can help you to decide this.

Conflicts with Your Date

Discover all possible interferences with the chosen time and date of your event.  Possible limitations can include co-occurring events and required permits.  You should also find out about all limitations of your wedding site.  Common venue restrictions include those on noise levels, flash photos and the wedding toss tradition.

The Essentials

Before settling on a venue, make sure that there are enough nearby parking spaces for your guests.  You may also want to ensure that your venue is easy enough for guests to find.

Express Yourself

You’ll want to consider the kind of style you’re interested in for your event.  You should also decide whether you want your ceremony to be casual or formal.

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