How To Gain Completely Control Over Your Property

If you have ever imagined that you’re inside a secret volcano base while loading up your computer or using any of your other technology or gadgets, then you’re not alone. I believe like many people you see, that technology is at its coolest when it makes you feel like an evil megalomaniac and gives you supreme control over your property through the simplest touch of a button. There’s something incredibly satisfying about being able to control things remotely, or view things on a monitor, and this is one of the major appeals of any new technology.

When this technology really makes you feel like Dr No though, is when it gives you more control over your property – thereby increasing your security and giving you better control over who gets to access your premises. Here we will look at how you can accomplish that with the most powerful security installations as well as a few fun gadgets. Here, you are in control…

Digital Locks

If you want to manage who can and can’t enter your property, then one of the best ways to do this is to use a digital lock, which will allow you to control access via either PIN codes, identity cards or biometric data. That then means that you can get into your property by getting a retinal scan (eat your heart out evil geniuses) and that you can quickly remove users from the system rather than having to confiscate their keys. It also means you’ll never be able to lose your own keys, and that you’ll be able to open the door remotely – great if you have an intercom system and don’t want to have to walk up to the door.

Security Cameras

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Security cameras are one of the most basic and fundamental tools for improving your security and can give you an almost ‘omnipresence’ throughout your property. The more high tech ones can take this even further however – allowing you to stream footage remotely to your iPhone or PC (and survey the footage from multiple cameras all at once), or even control the camera remotely and speak through-it using VoIP. ‘Leave this place… at once!’

Other cool features are to add motion sensors and to tie these in with your alarm and digital recording. That way you can set your camera to only record when something worthy of note is happening, and you can receive notifications via e-mail or text to check on your phone.


They’re old tech, but if you rig your alarms to pressure sensitive panels in your garden, to your CCTV and to your windows, then you can catch out a lot of bad guys and again outsmart them with your tech – especially if you rig your alarms to call you when there’s trouble.


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Walmart has CCTV though, and your office probably has a digital lock. There’s nothing that ‘super-villain-esque’ about these kinds of installations then. If you really want to make your home feel like a high tech lair then, you should add drones that can roam your halls and give you the ability to monitor every last inch of your property. There are many remote control cameras that you can get for your home that will give you this ability, and many of them are actually relatively affordable and simple. If you really want to feel like a mad genius though, the trick is of course to make your own – and there are plenty of websites out there that can help you make some truly sci-fi flying drones and other devices.


The best security is security that prevents break-in attempts more than it prevents them. Using lights on a timer you can do this by having your lights go on and off as though someone were home even when you’re away. This is satisfying because it uses technology as well as a Machiavellian psychology to keep your home safe.

All these changes can make a huge difference to your property and keep your home much safer, while at the same time giving the tech-lover in you something of a kick. The real fun though comes when you start designing your own security tricks, so if you have some electronic engineering skills, it’s time to get imaginative!

Grant Ben is a fervent blogger who works at Alarm System Reviews, a home security company based in North America. He believes that one should never compromise on anything when it comes to security. He has provided some house safety tips for a better and safer living.

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