How To Help Your Home To Make You Happier

Most of us don’t want much from life – we’d just like to be happy. Perhaps we strive to make lots of money, or to find the love of our life – but in most cases, we only do those things so that we can be happier and feel more fulfilled. And this is one of the main jobs of our homes too.

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Sure, they need to keep us dry and warm first and foremost, but just as important is that they facilitate our everyday lifestyle, that they enable us to enjoy the activities and hobbies that we love, and that they make life easier wherever possible.

So if you’re finding yourself falling short of being completely ‘happy’, it may be that you need to do something about your home. Here we will look at some of the ways you can alter your property that will bring you more happiness and help you to get more out of life.

Rooms for Doing What You Love

One of the main ways that our home makes us happy is by providing us with space we need to do the things we enjoy. Unfortunately, though, most people fail to grasp this concept and instead will design their homes in a very generic way – the way that they ‘think’ their homes should be.

That’s why most of us will have a living room, a bedroom, some spare rooms, and a dining room. These are all functional rooms, but they take precedence over everything else.

Just as important is to create rooms that you can enjoy your passions in or just some real downtime. That might mean creating yourself a home theatre for instance so that you can enjoy watching films on the big screen from the comfort of your home.

It might mean creating a sauna for yourself or just a general ‘spa room’ where you can relax and unwind. And if you love model trains, then it might mean creating a room entirely for you to set those up and enjoy them.

The point is to find what you love, and then design your home around that – so that it can facilitate you’re having more fun more of the time.


That said, being practical and functional is still important to your happiness. You still need a place to eat, but more to the point you will still need to go out to work/take the kids to school.

In short, it’s highly important that you have thought about what your property will be like to use on a day to day basis, and that you’ve designed it to make life easier rather than more difficult.

For instance, if you have to drive forty minutes to work every morning then you will find that this ends up draining your energy and your emotions.

Likewise, if you have to take the kids to school and that’s fifteen miles away – you will find life is more stressful and less relaxing. This is a matter of choosing the right home more than making use of it, but there are other examples too.

For instance, the way you design your kitchen – make it easy to maintain and organize and you’ll find that you feel less stressed more of the time, that you don’t get so surrounded by messy plates, and that life in general just seems a little more manageable.


Your home is also important for your health, and it’s crucial that you remember this and make it one of your top priorities. If your home is too cold, if it has mold, or if it has a leak, then this will take its toll on your health and your energy and you’ll find that your mood is affected too.

Getting mold removal, waterproofing or carpet cleaning won’t just improve the look of your home – it will also improve your health and your mood.


Finally, think about how your property is going to affect your psychology on an unconscious level. The smallest changes to your home – such as a different color for your wallpaper or a more minimalist layout in your living room – can actually make you feel more relaxed, less anxious and less claustrophobic.

Find what works for you, and if you find you often feel stressed or depressed when you should be relaxing – try changing your décor.

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