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Are your children always asking you for the newest toys and games there are? Do they want to be up to date with their friends, always having the ‘coolest’ toy there is? I know mine do!

What children are unaware of is how much these can cost, a fact I’m sure you are more than aware of! If you’re looking for a cheap way to kit your children out with new toys, without having to spend all their college fund to do so, look no further – I’ve compiled a great list of tips below for parents in need…

Scour Charity Shops

Charity shops are an absolutely brilliant way of finding cheap stuffed toys, plastic toys and even some video games nowadays. Make it a day out with your child and bring them along, then thanks to the cheap price tags you can let them loose in the toy section and watch their eyes double in size as you tell them they can pick any few toys they want!

The bigger the charity shop, the bigger the selection they’ll have. Whilst you’re buying toys, why not sort out a bag of old ones your child doesn’t want anymore and give them to the charity shop? That way there’s no need for you to feel guilty about adding to that huge selection of toys already over spilling from your kid’s toy box, plus any proceeds from what you do buy go to helping people and not just to big toy company executives!

Shop Online

Even brand new toys don’t need to be bought direct from the shops; online shopping markets such as eBay and Amazon have an amazing selection of second hand and new toys being sold at amazing prices!

In fact, many game shop websites have their own second hand section where you can pick up video games for a fraction of their normal price, and they still work just fine.

They Don’t Need To Be the Newest Model

Most toys, especially video games consoles and anything else electronic, when first let out will be the most expensive item in the shop! However, wait a few months for a new model or game to take that most-desired spot and the price of the toy your child wanted will drop dramatically.

For example, your kid wants the latest Playstation, but it’s out of your price range. Why not buy them an older model, such as the Playstation 2 which is now relatively cheap to get hold of. Not only will it save you money, but you can find out if they really use it enough to warrant splashing out on the newer model in some months’ time.

Don’t Be Afraid To Ask Friends

If your child isn’t asking for specific items, but just wants new toys in general, why not arrange a swap with other mummy friends you have? Chances are if you’re friends with other parents, they’ll have loads of unwanted toys their children have discarded for new ones as well, so why not arrange to swap a bag full of toys each?

It saves you money, and your friends will also appreciate the suggestion as they’ll be appreciative of the ‘free’ new toys their kids get too!

Do you have any more suggestions? Tell me below!


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