How To Strategically Pack Up Your Home When Moving

Getting ready to go? Let’s assume you’ve already gone through your belongings and made a big pile of what you’re going to give to charity, sell at a yard sale or simply throw away. Is it all downhill from there? Not exactly. Follow these steps, though, and it won’t seem so much of an uphill struggle. Here’s how strategically to pack up your home when moving.

Assemble Your Supplies

You will need boxes, markers, packing tape, bubble wrap, and other insulation, tools for taking furniture apart, box cutter, scissors, and ziplock bags. Reserve a dolly to rent on moving day. Start collecting boxes two months out. You will also need a notebook with pockets or a large accordion folder. Keep every receipt, document and fabric swatch related to the move. Also keep in the folder a list of everything you are packing, by the box.

Pack by Room

Leave the filled boxes in each room as you pack. You’ll have a good visual reminder of how far along you are. Label every box by room and contents. According to New Jersey Movers, a super efficient way to pack things is to use color-coded labels by room. These NJ Movers have found that this system can make unpacking go a lot faster when you finally get into your new home and have endless boxes everywhere. Don’t forget the pile of things you’re giving to charity. It’s never too late to add to it.

Pack Big Items First

Disassemble what furniture you can. Take legs off sofas. Take the bed frame apart. Reinsert screws in their holes. Assemble every other loose bit of hardware in a ziplock bag and duct tape the bag to the underside of the furniture piece. You will be very glad you did this at the other end of the move.

Sort and Pack the Smaller Stuff

When the bigger items are in place, tuck smaller things around them. Fill drawers with breakable objects that you have individually wrapped. For insulation, use sheets, curtains or tablecloths that belong to the room you’re packing. Pile heavy items in small boxes so you can lift them. Liquor boxes are great for books.

Pack a Suitcase

Pack two days worth of clothes, toiletries, medications and other personal items for each person in the move. Bring the suitcases in the car with you when you go. You’ll avoid having to unpack boxes the night you arrive. That way, no matter how long it takes you to unpack everything else, you don’t have to go digging in boxes just so you can brush your teeth.

Once you get to your new home, you can unload your color-coded boxes for each room. The list of contents written on the outside of each box will tell you what’s inside. This is the time when your efforts at organizing chaos will have paid off.

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