Hydrogen Peroxide Teeth Whitening

How can hydrogen peroxide teeth whitening help whiten your teeth?

Dental treatments for teeth whitening are highly expensive. However, there is one effective and helpful process that is quite affordable which is known as hydrogen peroxide teeth whitening. We can actually using hydrogen peroxide for whitening our teeth at home.

Hydrogen peroxide is highly reactive and consists of hydrogen and oxygen. This weak acid possesses oxidizing properties. It can be used as an agent for bleaching. It is used widely for bleaching textile and paper. It is also used in the medical field as well as in the household as a disinfectant. This chemical is often present in toothpastes as it is an essential ingredient that is used for whitening your teeth. Its normal rate of concentration is 3% and may go up to 10%. Usually more amount of peroxide gives greater power of whitening. You may see that teeth whitening, with hydrogen peroxide is the best process for you.

Making Used of Hydrogen Peroxide for Teeth Whitening

Lots of whitening products that are available in the market contain hydrogen peroxide. However your home remedy can be formulated by yourself. For many years, peroxide has been traditionally used for whitening teeth. It is considered to be safe and effective by the American Dental Association. Some individuals may feel sensitive towards peroxide in when applied. There may be some sensation of temporary burning or discomfort during the process of hydrogen peroxide teeth whitening. This is because the chemical is highly reactive. But this stops when the solution of peroxide is rinsed out. Hydrogen peroxide works in a great way as it can pass easily through the enamel of your teeth. It then starts to interact with the pulp and dentine part of your tooth. According to studies this is harmless.

teeth whitening before after

Whitening product can also be prepared at home by combining sufficient hydrogen peroxide with baking soda to create a thick paste. For making it more pleasant little bit of toothpaste can also be added to the mixture. Little amount of salt can also be mixed. This mixture can be used twice in a week instead of your normal toothpaste. Do not swallow the paste while brushing. For better effect of whitening you can wash your mouth with the help of a mild solution of 3% peroxide. This is your hydrogen peroxide teeth whitening process that you can do at home. However you should not confuse hydrogen peroxide with carbamide peroxide. Both of them are different from each other. Teeth whitening with hydrogen peroxide can be done in little time while it is more time consuming with carbamide peroxide.

Over the counter kits that are used for teeth whitening contains hydrogen as well as carbamide peroxide and is available in various drugstores and grocery stores. Faster results can be provided by these products and are usually pleasant to use. They also have long lasting results. The different types of hydrogen peroxide teeth whitening kits are gels, strips and trays. You must brush your teeth before you are using the kit for best results. You must also ensure that the content of hydrogen peroxide is not higher than 20%.

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