Is the baby toys in your house safe for your baby?

Parents always think that buying toys to their children is a superior way for their entertainment. Nevertheless, they also find that their young child prefers the box or even the wrapping paper to the gift that came in the box. Boxes are wonderful toys for carrying, nesting, stacking, dumping, matching and filling. Children love climbing into and out of boxes, and very large boxes make great playhouses.

What is the best toys for your babies?

Check out at the safest baby toys below for your baby!

Lamaze Toys
lamaze toys
Lamaze toys were invented and developed by the experts from Yale University, the toys specifically focus on child development. Normally, Lamaze toys come with variety textures, bright colors, and sounds to stimulate baby’s senses. Lamaze toys can be ideal baby soft toys for babies of all ages, it can also be great newborn toys.

Lamaze toys are also very good educational toys that every parent should buy for their child. It is not only good for baby’s mental development, and it will be taking care of baby’s health also. If you have no idea on what baby toys to buy for your baby, you can always think of buying these educational toys to help the comprehensive development of your baby. They will get a lot of joy and funs to play with these toddler toys. Check out on the product review of lamaze firefly, lamaze fishbowl and etc.

Baby Musical Toys
baby musical toysMost parents are commonly recognized the importance of music in child development. However, most parents are not sure on when should a child listen to music and what kind of music is best for children. Many parents have no long term systematic planning for child development. Actually, there are repertoire libraries available online which have a lot of music for their selection. Thus, parents will no longer have to worry about what kind of music to let their children listen. Although there are a lot of baby musical toys available in the market, but this baby musical toys are more to entertainment with just few songs embedded inside. Furthermore, the sound quality is bad. So parents should get some information before buying the baby musical toys. However, this can be good newborn toys as well.

haba toysHABA is a Germany company well-known with their HABA toys. HABA always came with high quality and safety baby toys that most parents are willing to buy for their babies. One of the famous HABA toys is the HABA blocks and HABA wooden toys that are really worth recommending. Most parent like the HABA blocks not just because of imported from Germany, but of they’s quality assurance as well.

Even though many other countries also producing wodden baby toys, but their quality is much lower than HABA wodden from color evenness, design creativity and fine production. After doing the comparison, most parents will go for HABA Toys for their babies toys.

Baby Play Mat
baby play matMany babies do not like tummy time, thereofore parents can try getting their baby a play mat where they can look at baby toys and reach for them or even move closer to them when they lying on it. This is a great way to keep your baby entertained during tummy time. Colorful and soft baby play mat can provide a fun and safe activity space for baby. Try to choose the play mat with different fabrics and vocal gadgets, which can entertain the baby. So the little baby can explore the small world through sound, visual and senses. Get some newborn toys as well and place on the mat so that the baby can play with them.

Baby soft toys with different accessories and positions can help your baby develop body movements and sensory intelligence. Place bell and horn paper sound device in different places of baby play mat can stimulate the baby’s auditory nerve. This can develop baby hearing. While baby grip and playing with a small strap, this can help to strengthen the hand muscles and encourage the baby to learn crawling. When the baby is tired, they can directly lying and sleep on the mat.

Baby Einstein Toys
baby einstein toys
Choosing baby educational toys are very important to stimulate their development. The Baby Einstein Toys come into play which provide a lots of quality toys, DVDs, games, and books that will educate and stimulate your child development.

Baby Einstein Toys have a variety of multimedia products and toy products that specifically design to aid in infant development. It includes many interactive activities that can entertain children and educate them at the same time.

Baby Diaper Bag
baby diaper bagBaby diaper bag is good to keep all your babies stuffs as well as your own stuffs. Baby diaper bag has many different size ranges from medium to large. They also have different fabrics and styles, such as cartoon characters or patterns. If you want to buy a baby diaper bag, you can choose color like yellow and green that mostly prefer by your baby. Of course, there is also some traditional pink or blue baby diaper bag that you can choose according to your baby sex.

If you travel a lot, larger diaper which can store for more bottled water will be very useful. Many diaper bags also come with matching changing pads which will ease your cleaning job.

Funky Baby Clothes
funky baby clothesDressing your baby up with funky baby clothes has become a trend. Parents used to buy nice and comfortable clothes from baby clothes shop or shopping malls for their babies. However, now they prefer to buy funky baby clothes from some well-known baby clothes designers.

Although newborn baby has very little activity, but it does not mean his cloth will remain clean all the time. Baby can wet his pants with drooling saliva and milk. All these will made his clothes dirty. As a mom, you have to constantly replace baby clothes. Therefore, when choosing baby clothes, you can buy several sets of similar funky baby clothes in order to have enough clothes to change for your baby.

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