Limoncello Wedding Favors Bottles

Get Limoncello Bottles

limoncello bottles
If you would wish to prepare limoncello for your guests on your wedding day as gifts but are having no idea on where to find these types of bottles, then you may try to find online for the website that related to this kind of bottle. The reviews are fairly good for their product. These bottles are naturally not big with a nice size.

Limoncello Glasses

limoncello glasses
While life offers lemons to you, you can use them to make limoncellos! Once you ever taste it, you are going to fall in love with this sweet and tart cocktail. If you want to taste it in full, you are better to have the limoncellos served in jet cold by using thick, Italian-made glasses. The classic aperitif-sized glasses feature thick construction and wide bases so that they can keep your limon always in chilly condition. The structure of these tall glasses have matching lemons to go with the bottle. The glasses are exclusively make in Italy and the best thing is all pieces are freezer and dishwasher safe.

DIY Homemade Limoncello Wedding Favors

If you are searching for a fun and distinctive wedding favor for your wedding, then you are at the right place. You can try to make a homemade limoncello recipe. In case you not really know, limoncello is actually an Italian, lemon-flavored liqueur. You can find this liqueur at some restaurants as they occasionally served as an apertif or drink it after dinner.

limoncello wedding favors

If you plan to serve limoncello on your wedding day, then you need to start prepare this recipe 6 months in advance and you are going to have a completely unique limoncello wedding favor to offer to your invited guests at the end of the night on your wedding.

What you need to prepare for homemade Limoncello Wedding Favors:

– one bottle everclear (at least 151 proof)
– one bottle vodka (80-100 proof)
– 15-20 large thick skinned bright yellow lemons
– large clear glass jar (to hold your mixture, something like this)

– 3-4 cups filtered tap water or distilled water (not mineral water)
– 3-4 cups pure white sugar
– cheese cloth

What to say for gift and drinks?

The following are some of the favorite heartfelt phrases that you can use for your labels to make your Limoncello wedding favors even more personalized and special!

* made with loving hands

* from our home to yours

* beauty is simplicity

* baked to perfection

* life is sweet…enjoy a treat!

* our warmest thanks!

* A gift for you with love

* spread the love! (for jellies or jams)

* Grandma’s secret recipe

* Jim’s famous…

* made with love

* bon appetit!

* mangia!

* for a rainy day

* garden grown

* Jenny’s best

* thinking of you

* a little piece of heaven

* from Lea’s garden

* labor of love

* please enjoy

* Pickled chanterelles

* flames-down-below hot sauce

* sweetheart cookies

* baby pears in honey & lemon

* lullaby tea

* Russian-style dill pickles

* clove-and-cinnamon pickled beets

* Grandma’s recipe green beans

* homegrown & homemade sauerkraut

* really rare rose petal jam

* Algerian preserved lemons

* Walla Walla sweet onion relish

* pickled red cabbage with apples and caraway

* Zoltan’s Hungarian Goulash (serve hot over pasta or potatoes)

* pear chutney

* wild huckleberry jam

* green tomato chutney

* orange and mint pears

* cinnamon applesauce

* red pepper sauce with Mike’s secret spices

* Debbie’s delicious dills

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