Look Out Platinum, Tungsten Is Here!

Men’s tungsten wedding rings have spiked the competition when it comes to men’s rings in comparison with the basic metals that rings were once made of. Back in the day, mens wedding rings were made usually of yellow or white gold, silver, or platinum.

Tungsten wedding ring

Tungsten wedding ring

Over time, platinum was the most desired ring for the beautiful way that it looked and the value behind the ring, however, the development of tungsten men’s rings has began to give platinum rings a run for their money.

Understanding Tungsten Rings

Tungsten has been around for a long time, though it took some time and multiple scientists to turn the metal into rings available to men. Tungsten is a durable metal that is one of the strongest metals, which makes it difficult to scratch and damage. This quality alone has made tungsten one of the top choices for mens wedding rings.

Men work in professions that are tough on the hands, which can lead to damage to their wedding rings and eventually lead to them needing to be replaced. Tungsten is like a dream come true for men who work with their hands.

The Falling Of The Metals

Over the years, the most basic metals such as silver, gold, and platinum have developed downfalls that make their metals less desirable to the public. God rings may need to be replated over a course of time, silver may easily tarnish, and platinum is so rare, it is growing quickly in cost.

The creation of tungsten has flipped the ring industry upside down by offering the best of all worlds in one wedding band.

Tungsten: The Best Of All Worlds

At first tungsten grew in popularity due to its strength and affordability. Tungsten is not only beautiful to look at, but it is also cheap to buy. You don’t have to worry about breaking the ring or having to spend money to repair the ring later on down the road.

The only downfall that had occurred, as tungsten developed was people were not satisfied with the gray color. Well tungsten has risen through their problems by offering different colors of tungsten mens rings. The combination with carbon has helped create back tungsten wedding bands for men who have a desire for color, and the latest development is creating white tungsten wedding rings.

Tungsten vs. Platinum

Tungsten is said to be giving platinum a run for its money, literally. The changes in tungsten’s color have give tungsten rings the major advantage of platinum.

Though platinum is rare, it is very expensive to purchase and does not have the same durability that tungsten has. So if you spend all your money on a platinum ring, you are going to have to spend more money to replace it when it breaks.

Tungsten rings are now designed to have the same beautiful colors as platinum, are not as expensive as platinum, and are scratch resistant and durable that hey won’t break by basic wear and tear. Look out platinum, there’s a new big metal in town.

Adam has been in the tungsten wedding ring industry for the past 10 years. His experience ranges from the creation of tungsten designs and the selling of one of the most popular ring metals used today. His publications educate consumers about the creation of tungsten and how it compares with other metals in the ring industry.

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