How to Lose Weight by Jogging?

There are a lot of weightlifters, but making photos of different jogging competitions, I haven’t seen any person with an excess weight.

My private observations prove that if you want to lose weight you should run. So, gathering information from different forums, I would like to present such review.

Recovery of Cardiovascular System

With a help of jogging it is possible not only to lose weight. Regular jogging promotes the recovery of cardiovascular system, strengthening of immunity and stress reduction. It is managed to run away from your problems.

Jogging is a perfect exercise stress, which is foreseen by the nature (all our ancestors sometimes run away from dinosaur, sometimes after the mammoth).

In science there is a term “runner’s high” – a pleasant state of happiness which is known for all runners (it is concerned with a secretion of lactic acid in muscles and oxygen satiation of all cells).

jogging weight loss

But here we are going to speak only about jogging in respect of grow thin.

Just to lose weight, experts advice to alternate fast long-distance race with slow short-distance race. In such a way it would be difficult for organism to get accustomed to single-type loads and as a result it will need to burn much more calories.

It is possible to use «ragged tempo», which consists in sharp speeding (as a rule 1-2 minutes) and then lowering the rate of running practically to «jogging». During one exercise may be 2 or more accelerations.

A half marathon programme with training at the speed in combination with long-distance race is a perfect way to lose weight. By the way, jogging during more than an hour and a half makes organism to use saved fat supply by way of energy source!

Here are some answers to some naive questions

How much should I run to grow thin?

One-two trainings at weekends – it is not enough. At least 3 times a week no less then an hour.

I go jogging at weekends, why do I not lose weight?

We should focus on the fact that a person weighing 70kg would reduce the weight only of 0.9g per minute, i.e. if you want to lose 5kg in a month you should run 93 hours (three hours every day).

How to run correctly in order to safe knees?

You should run slowly, restrain yourself right up to the walking. The unique «speedometer» is a heart rate. The pulse must be 120-130 beats per minute. For some people fast walking is quite enough.

Why jogging for 20 min. daily for a year in the mornings, there are no results?

The splitting of excess adipose tissue, as a body’s source of energy, starts approximately with 40th minute of training. It means that running training should last no less than an hour.

Who knows calorie consumption during jogging (cal/hour)?

It depends on you technique. One thing is to run in the hill or intensive (when for an hour of interval training it burns 1000-1500 kcal), another thing when you jog, in this case for an hour it burns 150-200 kcal.

If you are lazy fella who doesn’t like to exercise at all but still wish to lose some weight, you shouldn’t be but you need to get up your butt and move. However, there is natural way for weight loss with the application of Ayurveda method which is a remedy from India. You may check out more if you are interested to know more about it.

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