Magnificent Church Adornments on Wedding

A crucial part of wedding planning is decoration. If you are suffering from a tight budget scheme then I would suggest you to choose a flourishing area which doesn’t need to enhance further.  Some people choose backyard or open areas and decorate them with flowers and ribbons. But we arranged our wedding ceremony in the Church. And I think there is no other sophisticated place than church. It doesn’t need to create glamorous look by overwhelming ornamentations. But simplicity and decency can characterize somewhat unique from others.  But one thing is pertinent to note, if you are organizing the ceremony in church then you should maintain the purity and sanctity of church.

church adornment

Ornamentation of Hallway:

Before starting any kind of decoration we took permission from the church’s admin. Because there are some churches who doesn’t allow the candles and floral usage. But luckily, the admin was a kind and gentle person who allowed us to decorate it with our own desired ways. So we started a decoration with decorating candles and small bulbs over the walls.  And then thought to create name of couple on canvas prints online for cherishing the beauty of walls. That was a great beauty enhancer. Then we decorated the hallway corners with big sized flower pots. At the entrance we created a beautiful entrance arch. The arch was large and hanged white curtains along the arch. Then decorated the above portion of arch with beautiful ribbons and flowers.  I love fabulous lighting arrangements. So we installed LED lights at the entrance area. And some string lights on trees in the garden. Actually we wanted to make our hallway decoration more than extra ordinary because it will be the first impression on your visitors.

Aesthetic inside Arrangements:

After hallway, we moved the concentration towards stage. So my couple of friends started to decorate stage. We decorated the back stage with colorful nets which were stylized in rainbow form. And in the middle, we placed a bunch of roses. To fill the gaps, we decorated natural roses over the nets. We also pasted our family photos on the stage to relish the beauty. Then we thought to print photos of bride on canvases by using That was looking perfect. After that, we decorated big and beautiful candle stands around the corners of stage. We decorated the roofs with red curtains and molded them in beautiful way. Chandelier is my most favorite ornamentation, so we placed 2 chandeliers. One at the stage side, and other in the hall. Inside pathway was decorated with red floral carpets. And red roses were scattered randomly over the carpet. If your wedding is planned near Christmas, then stylize the theme according to it. Decorate Christmas tree, beads, laces and bells everywhere.

Tables and Benches:

Decoration of tables and benches should be purely aesthetic. We decorated the tables with white organza clothes. And placed small candle stands above the table. Moreover of you want to put vases then it will be also a great addition. Alongside the benches, we decorated white nets and stylized them in lower curves. And decorated flowers with each curve. Coloring scheme of curtains and carpets should be same because they look more elegant.

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