Maid of Honor Jokes

10 Jokes or One Liners that Can Be Used During the Maid-of-Honor Speech

maid of honor joke

1. I went to college with the bride, and I honestly don’t know why she is wearing a white dress.

2. When they say this is the happiest day of your life, they aren’t lying. It is all down hill from here.

3. Just look at the groom (insert name) he keeps drinking because
he just realized what he did.

4. I hope no one notices that you still have the tags on your dress…I mean you might as well return it because after the cake you will never fit into it again.

5. The groom is lucky; if he didn’t marry the bride he would go through his life thinking he was perfect. Now he gets to hear how bad he is every day until death do them part.

6. I don’t think the maid has been on her knees that much (referring to the service) since before she met the groom…she decided to be a good girl with this one.

7. I wonder how many sit ups the bride had to do in order to fit in that dress.

8. I hope the couple doesn’t decide to have kids. I can’t picture the bride gaining anymore weight.

9. (To the Groom) I hope you aren’t too excited about tonight, you are going where many men have gone before, lets just hope its not with one small “step.”

10. I was surprised when I found out the bride was getting married. I either assumed the groom was deaf or the bride had become a mute.

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