Make Beautiful, Bespoke Wedding Invitations And Save Money

Most women have been excited about planning their wedding since childhood. But what if like many wives-to-be you quickly succumb to bridezilla madness?  Pointing out that getting married is stressful is stating the obvious.

However the invitations can be a surprising cause of anxiety, due to the unfortunate combination of them being both the first thing your guests will see, and one of the last things you do when most of your money has been eaten up.

wedding invitations

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It is possible to do your invitations on a budget by making your own. This can even add to your big day as it will give it a personal and unique flare. Here’s how to get first-class results.

Printing your own invites.

  • One of the most popular ways to make DIY wedding invitations is to print them from specialist web sites. If you choose a design that isn’t super ink heavy you can do this at home.  Sites such as Up, Up Creative offer professional, customisable designs that you can print yourself.
  • You can buy pre-cut card and pretty envelopes from stationary outlets, and add extra sparkle by putting glitter or confetti inside.
  • For an added touch of luxury buy 100% cotton rich paper, which you can then cut out with a paper cutter.

Getting Crafty

  • If you’ve got the time getting crafty creates beautiful invitations. You can really tell when someone has put a lot of effort in, and it makes your invites look even more special.
  • Colours are arguably the most important thing to consider. The savviest thing to do is to match them with your wedding colour-scheme. This will give guests a heads up so that they can dress accordingly.
  • If you decide to include an image of you and your beaux consider printing using transparency to create a softened effect.
  • You can buy the separate elements of invitations such as folded card, inserts and embellishments online or in shops. This gives you a lot of freedom in how the card is put together.
  • For those not confident in their artistic abilities sites such as The Wedding Crafter provide ready-made invitation kits. These allow you to customise with small additions, rather than starting completely from scratch.
  • If you’re after something really unique the sky’s the limit. A nice idea is to place invitations inside classic books, which can be bought cheaply from charity shops. You could also hide them in specially packaged chocolate bars, or roll them up inside a glass bottle.
  • Pinterest is a good place to look for some crafty ideas.

How much can you save?

There really is no limit to how much you could save with DIY wedding invitations. What it really comes down to is just how crafty you are, what look you’re after, and how many people are invited to your wedding.

Buying invitations ready-made will normally cost around £2.50 an invite. You can buy blank cards and envelopes online for as little as 10p, so this thrifty alternative clearly has huge savings potential.

If you’re looking for a way to save some money on your wedding, making your own invites is a great idea.  With budget solutions available for all levels of artistic ability, everybody can get the look they desire. We’ll bet your guests will never notice.

Elise Leveque is a bride-to-be who enjoys arts and crafts. She writes for Printer Basics.

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