How To Make A Good Confession

The most difficult burdens for a person to carry with him/her is that of holding on to a secret. There are many reasons why secrets can play havoc with your conscience but be clever about it before spilling the beans. Deciding to tell your secret confession needs careful consideration and should not be done recklessly or out of frustration and anger. You can either confess with your mouth to someone or you can make an anonymous confession.



Consider the following before making your secret confession:

  1. Be clear in your mind as to why you want to confess your secret. Knowing why you want to get it off your chest is as important as deciding on whom or where to confess your secret. Are you doing it out of guilt or concern or downright pettiness? It could also be a naughty secret that you want to confess, but be sure to determine your motive first.
  2. If your confession is that of genuine concern for somebody else, then choose someone you can trust to tell your secret too. Someone who will not judge you and will support you regardless of the consequences.
  3. Remember, words are powerful and can’t be taken back once you’ve spoken them, so put yourself in the shoes of the person whom you’ve chosen to confess your secret too. Consider how your secret will affect that person. Be sure not to put then in an uncomfortable position, as sharing your secret may feel like a weight lifted off your shoulders, but it may now weigh heavily on the person you’ve entrusted your secret too.
  4. If you are going to confess your secret then make sure you do so completely and not only tell half the secret. No half measures here. Tell it completely and be honest about it, to yourself and to the person whom you’re telling it too. It is in your best interest to leave nothing out and to confess completely.
  5. If your secret is just one of wanting to get it off your chest then you can make your anonymous confession online. It may be a little naughty secret you want to get rid of or even a cheating confession so, rather than confiding in someone you know, or just feeling uncomfortable about speaking to a person, post your secret online instead. You’ll feel much better once you do and nobody has to know it is your secret.

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