Making Your OWN Wedding Ring

Your wedding is comprised of complete control – you choose where you want to get married, who you want to get married to, when you will get married, what you will eat, who will you invite, and so on.

In addition to these choices, some special touches are added to the wedding that are completely personalised; for instance, some people opt to write their own vows or have their friends oversee the ceremony at the altar.

There are now emerging trends to make it even more unique, however. This includes being involved with every detail of the wedding, including being hands-on with what you will wear on your hands for the years to come- opt to design and make your own wedding ring!

gold ring

There are many ways to go about personalising your wedding ring, especially if you are not familiar with dealing with metals before. If you are looking for a little guidance, there are various ways to go about the process to make the experience memorable and rings personable.


There are many workshops that offer you and your partner to go in and be part of the process of making personalised rings. With a little research, you can find a workshop that does the process in your area, as the trend is picking up and is now available internationally as well as in many parts of the UK. The process usually begins with you meeting with the jeweller and choosing designs beforehand. There should be a myriad of designs available, but for a bit of extra cost you can go to the workshop with your own designs.

In the workshop, you will be able to see the entire process from start to finish. They start by melting the metals using oxygen and gas, and slowly pouring the solution in a skillet. Next is the mill, where the melted metal is put into a mould. They then cut the extra bits of metal off the ends and fuse the two parts so it forms a ring. Sizing and bending with special pliers is what will shape your future engagement rings. The last step is to polish the rings and admire how they came out.

For the entire process, it is common that the couple would be able to stay and watch, as it does not take much time to finish. The pair can watch their future rings being made as they enjoy a glass of champagne.


For those who are interested in more intricate designs, it is possible to design a wedding ring or engagement ring yourself beforehand. The designs would then be sent to an expert jeweller to be made. This process is less hands-on, but is a good opportunity to live out your design dreams in the hands of an expert. By sending your designs off, it does take more time, but assuredly the results will be worth it.

If your a dab hand about jewellery making, you might even want to give making your ring a go yourself – in all meanings of the word. By investing in a ring blank or two, you’ll be able to do the creative process from beginning to end, tailoring the ring blank to your exact requirements. It’s a creative, but time-consuming process – well worth it when you think of what a wedding ring signifies however!

Whether you will be designing your own ring or going to a workshop to be a part of the process, it is an extra flare of personalization for your special day. The wedding day may come and go, but why not add more of an intimate touch to something that will be worn forever?

Louisa Jenkins is a jewellery making blogger. She recommends using a shop like Cookson Gold for all your hobby needs.

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