Getting Married on a Budget

As the costs of living are raising and it becomes increasingly difficult to get a good deal on almost anything many people are turning to different ways to save money and are choosing to shop around for cheaper alternatives before making a purchase.

Wedding Table Decorations

A wedding is one thing that costs a fortune but nowadays people are looking to get married on a budget. So, to help those out who are planning a wedding, here are my top ways to save money doing so:


Ok so every bride to be is looking for an item of jewellery that shows off their dress and makes them look amazing, but often great bridal pearl jewellery can cost a fortune. When looking for jewellery for the wedding day many only consider specialist bridal shops but it is possible to buy pearl jewellery at a much more affordable price. Expand your searches and look beyond wedding retailers.

Room Décor

You may intend to hire someone to decorate your room or you may give instructions to the venue owners on how to decorate your room but why not do it yourself? Ok, so I don’t mean running around on the morning of your wedding day laying out table centrepieces, I mean looking into supplying the décor yourself and not relying on the overpriced service of an event organiser. You can put your table centrepieces together ahead of the big day and get a friend or the venue owners to put them out for you on your big day. This way you can buy in bulk and shop around for the best prices available.

Invitations and Thank You Cards

Wedding invitations cost a fortune and getting a specialist card maker to make them for you can cost even more. But have you ever considered making them yourself or getting a creative member of the family to make them for you? You can get some really beautiful wedding invitation materials from online and in store craft shops. Buy some sample pieces and try a few different designs out yourself before buying materials in bulk.


Hiring a professional wedding photographer is an expensive addition to your already great list of expenses. There are many great junior photographers out there that will halve the cost of your wedding day album. Ask your local university if they know of any photography students and there’s no doubt that they’ll do a fantastic job and what’s more is that they’ll probably be grateful for the experience.

Getting married on a budget is easier than you may think! Stop stressing and save money.

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