What May Happen When You Have Diabetes?

Being diagnosed by your medical doctor to be positive for diabetes is really tough to accept. Most especially when you have learned the fact that diabetes is not curable at all. It is a longtime condition that should be accompanied with lifetime medications.

diabetes test

diabetes test

Denial is common for individuals that are presently diagnosed with this ailment. Most of them questioned themselves what went wrong? What do they have eaten for the past few years? Is it because of their love for sweet treats? And so on. All of those questions are normal, but having a sweet tooth should never be blamed of being a diabetic. For the knowledge of all, diabetes is a condition wherein the human body is not able to produce sufficient insulin or not at all. Insulin is the prime responsible in transmitting glucose (the sugar) from the blood stream to the human cells.

Therefore, if your body is not able to produce insulin, glucose will remain in your blood stream, you will be diagnosed to have diabetes type I. However, if your body is able to produce insulin, only that the amount is not sufficient for all the glucose in your blood to be transmitted to your cells, you will be diagnosed to have diabetes type II. Both type of diabetes need proper and serious attention. The effects of diabetes can promote risk to your health that may lead to death if not given suitable treatment.

What are the common health effects of diabetes?

Individual with either type I or type II diabetes is prone to have the following diseases:

! Atherosclerotic Heart Disease

This condition is very likely to occur for diabetic person. Blood sugar has the ability to harm the arteries and can make them more susceptible to hardening or artherosclerosis. When this happened an individual will be prone to suffer from heart attack and stroke.

! Nerve Damage

When your glucose level in the blood remains uncontrollably high, it can endanger your nerves. Once human nerves are damaged, your sense of feeling will no longer work well. Mostly, nerves in your feet and hands are firstly affected. They are prone to unexpected injuries which you may not feel and may not be able to provide cure immediately. Only too find out that it is already calls for amputation to save from further risk.

! Kidney Damage

Kidney Failure is the most commonly and deadly complications associated with diabetes. Since normal blood processes of a diabetic person are interfered, his blood protein has the tendency to leak as well. Protein leaks can cause kidney failure which is fatal.

! Peripheral or Visual Impairment

Yes, blindness is one of the serious effects of diabetes. High blood pressure and high blood sugar can damage your eyes. Since glucose should be transmitted in the cells and must not stay in the blood, presence of it may travel and reach the tiny blood vessels of the retina. Once this glucose enters the tiny blood vessels of human retina, it will cause blockage creating dark spots or worst may completely darkened the human vision.

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