Mid-Week Marriages Are On The Rise

Mid-week weddings are increasing in popularity and it’s easy to see why. You can dramatically reduce venue waiting-times and make enormous savings on costs too. So why isn’t everyone getting wed on a Wednesday?

flowers wedding

flowers wedding

Whilst 65% of couples still get married on the weekend, statistics from the Office for National Statistics show that weekday weddings are growing in popularity. 5% of couples now get married on a Thursday and 3.9% tie the knot on a Monday.1

So why is it becoming so popular? As counter-intuitive as it may sound, there are an impressive number of advantages to getting hitched mid-week.

First and foremost, everything is cheaper. According to the BBC, you can save as much as 40% in high season if you decide to get married on a weekday.2 This could mean that a dream venue you never imagined you could afford is suddenly well within budget.

It’s not only wedding venues that reduce their prices, some caterers do too. Don’t be afraid to ask if a wedding menu is priced differently between Monday and Thursday.

Availability is another persuasive factor. You can picture the scene; you’ve found your dream venue, a stately home that’s grand without being imposing and elegant without feeling snobbish. You rush to secure a date only to find that it’s booked up every Saturday for the next two years. But it’s free this Tuesday at a fraction of the cost.

This is often the case. Desirable venues tend to have their Saturdays booked up years in advance whilst mid-week slots are often available within the month.

You may be wondering why with all those advantages, Saturday is still hanging on to the top spot when it comes to getting hitched. As with most things, there are also disadvantages to getting married mid-week.

People tend to let loose on the weekend. With the looming threat of tomorrow’s early start, your guests may find it harder to let their hair down and come midnight, you could find yourself cavorting on an empty dance floor.

The chief complaint guests have is work-related. Those that find it difficult or even stressful to take time off may decline your invitation. This could lead to poor attendance.

On the other hand, many couples that do get wed on a weekday say that if a guest isn’t prepared to take a day off work for their wedding then their presence probably isn’t crucial.

A mid-week wedding is definitely worth considering, especially if you’re finding that your budget isn’t stretching as far as you’d like. You may even be surprised by the difference it makes to what you can afford. Dream venues once out of reach may suddenly be within your grasp.

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