Modern Wedding Cakes Blend Flavor with Beauty

A wedding is the biggest event of many women’s lives, and most women spend months perfecting their plans for the big day. Choosing the perfect dress is the biggest decision a bride will make, but close behind that is the choice of a wedding cake for the reception. Not only does a wedding cake need to be beautiful to look at, most brides are hoping to impress the attendees with a delicious dessert for everyone to enjoy.

wedding cake designs

wedding cake designs


The wedding cake is almost always the centerpiece of the reception. Most of the time brides choose to have the cake reflect the colors or flowers that were used in the wedding. Traditionally, women chose a tiered wedding cake with a miniature bride and groom upon the top tier of the cake. However, that is now beginning to change. Wedding cakes are being created in numerous shapes and styles to reflect the personalities of the happy couple.

A wedding cake can be a way of expressing the mood of the party. If the couple is having a traditional, formal affair, the wedding cake is likely to reflect that. However, couples who are having a trendy, casual wedding are more likely to choose a fun, quirky design for the cake.

The cake can be iced in conventional white icing, which will be a tasteful expression to blend with any wedding style and atmosphere. Other brides choose to have multicolored wedding cakes, reflecting the color of the flowers or the bridesmaid’s dresses. Some brides choose to accent an all white cake with sugar flowers or fresh, edible flowers.


Many people think of wedding cake as a dry, tasteless affair. For many years, the focus of the wedding cake was only the outward appearance. However, more artisan bakers working in the wedding field are proving that a cake can be both beautiful and tasty.

Brides are no longer required to have boring white cake for their wedding cakes. A bride can choose whatever flavor she wishes. If a bride prefers chocolate, lemon or coconut, she can ask the baker to create a cake that reflects her preference. Some wedding cakes are created with several flavors in different tiers so that everyone at the wedding can get something that they like.


Many believe that creating a wedding cake is out of the reach of the home baker. However, this is not necessarily true. If a home baker has a time-tested recipe, it can be easily transformed into a wedding cake by using specially shaped pans, fresh flowers and pre-made fondant. A home baker may want to experiment for a few months ahead of time to make sure that the recipe is perfect and the decorations will hold up to several hours of display time. If a baker searches on the Internet or Pinterest, he or she will find plenty of simple, yet elegant wedding cake ideas that can be adapted for any color scheme or theme.

Tucking fresh flowers or colorful berries around the tiers of a classic white wedding cake is a simple way to dress up an otherwise plain cake. Hobby and craft stores stock pre-made sugar flowers and other embellishments that any baker can use to make a cake lovely. Even professional bakers are using things like ribbon or silk flowers to make each wedding cake a unique statement about the bride.

Brides should not settle for bland, boring wedding cake any longer. Each bride should meet with a baker to taste test several cake flavors and decide on the perfect cake for her day. The modern bride can have both beauty and tastiness in her wedding cake.

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