My Wedding Day – From A Bride’s Point Of View

All brides-to-be picture their wedding day and how it’s going to be, so I thought I’d share my wedding day experience with you to give you a realistic view on what it could be like.

my wedding day

my wedding day

The night before

To be perfectly honest I was absolutely exhausted the night before my wedding. I had been rushing around for days sorting things like preparing the dinner table, briefing kitchen staff, welcoming guests, checking that wedding cakes were being delivered on time, last minute napkin shopping, you name it. But as soon as my maid of honour and my bridesmaids turned up I felt so much better. I got married in Norway where one of my bridesmaids has a cabin that the five of us stayed in for the night. It was a completely normal evening with just a nice chat and all of us were finishing making tags for the different cakes that were going to be served at the wedding. Just being in this remote cabin with my best friends made me relax and not worry about the day after.

In the morning

Of course, I didn’t sleep too well and got up at about 5.30am. I made a cup of coffee while watching the seagulls on the fjord outside and just about managed to gather myself before the others woke up. I went back to my parents’ house to get ready and my maid of honour picked me up to take me to the salon to get my hair and makeup done. It was really nice to be pampered for the day, and we had a great time just chatting and listening to music, having a few drinks. But as soon as my tiara was fastened in my hair I got really nervous and realised that I was getting married in just a couple of hours. Flowers in hand, I (eventually) got into my wedding dress without any major problems and practised sitting down and getting up without falling while my maid of honour got her dress on.

On the way to the venue

My dad picked us up and took us to the lighthouse where we were getting married. It was a lovely day (thank goodness!) and my maid of honour kept telling me jokes that I was to think of when walking down the aisle so I wouldn’t cry (it worked!). I kept worrying about little things like parking and whether all the guests had been able to get there alright and on time, and whether there were chairs ready for my grandparents. But when we arrived everything was perfect.

The ceremony

As soon as I stood ready to walk down the “aisle” with my dad everything just seemed to fall into place. I suddenly felt completely at ease and I knew everything was going to be fine. I forgot all about the silly little things and all I could think of was how lucky I was to be getting married to the love of my life. I only looked at him as I walked up the path towards the lighthouse stairs as I could hear my bridesmaids sobbing and knew that if I looked at them I’d just start crying too! The ceremony was perfect, with readings by friends and music as well. I was even so lucky as to have one of my best friends as the vicar and she held the most beautiful speech for me and my husband.

The dinner

After the ceremony the happy couple were picked up by a beautiful horse carriage that would provide the transport to the beach where the wedding photographs were being taken. I have to say, being in that carriage was almost the best part of the day. I hadn’t seen much of Rich in the past week and it gave us a chance to catch up and take in the day together. When we arrived at the reception venue people were welcoming us with waves and cheers and it was so nice to finally be able to talk to people properly and relax a bit. The dinner was an intimate affair with our closest family and friends and it was so nice to listen to the speeches and see how everyone was enjoying it.

The evening

The best thing about Norwegian weddings are the cakes…As soon as the evening do starts, the wedding cake is cut and everyone has a taste of it plus lots of other cakes that have been baked by family and friends. Coffee is served with a selection of liqueurs and the evening gradually turns into a traditional disco with dancing. Our evening party was so much fun and went really quickly. Some of our friends and family had prepared entertainment pieces for us such as little games like musical chairs where the losers had to do certain things for the bride and groom. My brother sang a song for us, and my friend sang to our first dance, so it was a really personal evening party. We really didn’t want it to end but finally realised that we were absolutely shattered and left around 2am. We’d had a fantastic time and knew that we couldn’t have pictured a better day!

Sarah Green loves anything to do with weddings and loves to share her experiences with other brides.

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