Natural Common Cold Remedies While Pregnant

Are you sick and pregnant? I don’t just mean morning sickness, but actually sick? If you have a cold or feel like you are coming down with one soon, here are some natural remedies to take care of that cold while you are pregnant. I know that there are some medicines that are alright to take when you are pregnant (just ask your doctor about these) but if your like me and don’t want to put absolutely anything artificial in your body while pregnant, then these remedies might just do the trick for you. Because remember, anything that you put in your body is also going into your baby’s body.

pregnancy cold

pregnancy cold

Drink More Water

Drink, drink, and drink! That’s right, this one is right on top of the list. Mom was right when she kept telling you to drink up. Flushing your body with fluids is the best way to get rid of a sickness. Since you already know that drinking lots of water is important while being pregnant, it becomes doubly important now that you are getting sick. Since I have a tendency to get tired of water but don’t want to add all the calories of tons of juice, what I like to do is buy flavored water mixes. It make the water taste a little different and if you buy the flavored water mixes compared to just juice you can often find flavors that taste great but have no additional sugars or calories. A great idea when your feeling under the weather.

If your nose is stuffy there are two options that I like to use. The first one I am going to tell you about is my all time favorite go to remedy when I have a stuffy nose. Vicks vapor rub. It is topical so you are putting absolutely nothing into your body and it has never failed to make me feel better and clear things up a bit. It can be a bit messy, but because of the relief that it gives me I have always been able to look past that.

Shower Soothers

Another product that I like to use when stuffy is a product by Sudacare called shower soothers. They sell tablets that you can put on the floor of the shower and when the hot water hits them it releases a vapor similar to that of a Vicks rub. The reason this works so well is that the strong mint smell along with the steam of the hot shower will help clear up your nose. Just remember, pregnant woman are not supposed to take hot showers (my doctor said anything over 90*) so wait until your done with your shower then turn the water all the way hot and let the bathroom (or just the bathtub if you have a large bathroom) fill with moisture and mint.

Warm tea

This is by far not a miracle cure, but not only will warm tea be another sneaky way to get fluids into your body, but the warm soothing effect of the tea may help you fall asleep; which brings us to the next tip, sleep! Another rather obvious one, but it’s so important that sleep cant for once be over looked. And if warm tea can help sooth you, then perhaps it will help you fall asleep. If your pregnant you already know the importance of sleep and how much your body needs it, when your sick and pregnant it becomes doubly important and you should get as much of it as you can.

Take Vitamin C

If you already are taking a prenatal vitamin then you should ask your doctor before taking anything additional. But vitamin C is another great all natural way to fight your cold and feel better. I can take a few days but it really works; it works so well because it doesn’t just cover up the problem with drugs, but takes care of it.

Well, theses are just a few suggestions, but it may be just what you need to kick that cold without using any type of artificial drug induced ways to feel better. These ways are the best for both you and your baby!

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