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Developmental Features of Sassy Baby Toys

All the products that produce by Sassy developmental baby toys are specially designed to assist in develop a strong foundation with regard to life long learning by means of cultivating growth as well as stimulating the baby’s brain development. After many years of research and study, the expert and professional consultation from Sassy baby toys have able to come out with the toy products that having features to stimulate baby’s feels, senses as well as growing emotional. Besides, the toys also can help in developing baby’s physical, social and intellectual skills.

Sassy Bathtime Fun Appliques

Sassy Bathtime Fun Appliques

Sassy Bathtime Fun Appliques – 84 Piece Set

Those features include:

* bright colors,
* product proportions,
* symmetry,
* soothing, rhythmic and musical sounds,
* specific color language,
* age appropriate materials
* multiple textures,
* high contrast patterns, and
* innovative functional features

Each and every of Sassy baby toys implements with tools that features for your lovely growing baby. All these are really “inspire the senses” as well as stimulate growth and development of essential skills.

Sassy bath toys are generating a splash of water! They are beautifully made with the aid of baby development specialists to adjust to infant’s developing creativity, motor skills and physical conception. Similar to the developmental line of soft baby toys, Sassy bath toys are specially designed to accommodate each and every age group as well as different level when baby develops and grow ups.

Sassy Car Wash Bath Toy

Sassy Car Wash Bath Toy

Sassy Car Wash Bath Toy

Child development professionals concur that particular components tend to be crucial for a highly effective developmental toy. You are going to discover their whereabouts by looking at Sassy bath toy products:

Babies and toddlers possess an incredible capability for educate and learn. In order to carry out the task, it is very important provide wide variety within the toys and also the experiences they offer.

Character faces:
They are organized, symmetrical and bold. Young children and babies are normally have the best respond on images organization.

Realistic look:

Sassy Bathtime Kitchen Sink

Sassy Bathtime Kitchen Sink

Baby toys which reveal the world in real aid baby seem sensible around the globe for a baby. This can open the way in which with regard to interactions between parents and baby, that can expose baby to brand new vocabulary.

In case you are thinking of what kind of baby bath toys to buy for your baby, you can get some ideas by referring below on how the baby development in different stage:

Sassy Bathtime Kitchen Sink

Newborn to 6 Months:
A newborn baby or 6 months baby is really responsive to her surroundings, utilizing and coordinating the actual senses while she gets comfortable and familiar with water in the introduction stage. To incorporate baby into such introduction stage, the Sassy bath toys are designed for these experiences by focus on warmth, texture and softness.

6 months:
This is the time while a good number of babies are beginning to sit up. It is called the exploration stage. Those babies at 6 months old are starting fascinated by water play.

Exactly what will going on if baby pour, strain or scoop water?
Even some babies will cry during bath time but most of the time, this can be an sensing experiments for babies. At this time, It’s also the moment babies start practicing fine motor movements. At this point, Sassy bath toys are really easy to comprehense and designed to encourage cause-and-effect experiments.

9 months:
During this time period, infant makes its way into the stage of Creativity. At this moment comfortable with the water, infant’s imagination as well as creativity come to life in the bath. Sassy bath toys for this stage encourage creativity, interaction and role-play.

Float & Squirt Bath Time PalsSassy Bathtime Pals Squirt and Float Toys have 5 characters in a set. They are perfect for bath time toys with various colors and textures. The size can be easily grab and squirt by the little hands.

Parents have positive reviews on these toys. The bath toys become baby’s bathtime favorite companions no matter baby tub or in a pool. Baby can squeeze water out of the toys.

Overall, the toys squirt fine and are durable. It is definitely a great bath toy for your baby to play with while bathing.

Rating: (out 6 of reviews)

Price: $ 4.49

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