Playing with the Newly Born Baby

Once your long awaited baby arrives, true joy begins. What follows now is a lot of learning, adventure and fun. However, this does not mean you must wait for the newborn to crawl, walk or sit to begin playing together. You will come across so many things you could do to engage the baby towards strengthening the bonds you both have.

It is important to remember there are no similar babies. They develop and grow in different ways and grow they distinct personalities. You will find some are alert and others active right from the point they were born while some take time. Nonetheless, one thing all babies seem to like at any given growth stage is interacting with parents.

The games to play with the newly born are the type that will involve touch, sound and sight and since most are simple games, no special type of equipment is really needed for them to be played. The only thing you need include objects already at home, the baby and your presence.

Dance and Movement

Even babies are in love with music and it is something you have in common from the start. Find some favorite music the baby loves and play it. You can hold the baby by the lap and let him or her face you. You can cradle the baby after standing up and then you can dance. Sing along some of the songs and always keep the baby’s eye contact. In case the baby is on your lap, or blanket, the legs and arms can be manipulated at the right time to respond to the music.

Sound and Sight

One thing you need to remember is that babies enjoy looking at faces, mostly human ones. Thus the bundle of joy can be placed on the lap, let her face you and lay her down on her back upon a blanket. Do not forget to sing and talk to the baby while making sure eye contact has remained. Making silly faces is something you can do and if the baby is two months and above, they could try to imitate some of your facial plays.

There is also a link between geometric shapes and babies, including primary and bold colors. The baby can be shown some image of some of these objects of different colors and shapes while at the same time repeating the color and name. Fabrics can also be held, also of different textures, for instance silk, lace and velvet. You can have them placed in the hands of the baby rubbing her cheek with it and she will love the feeling that follows.

Baby’s Alone time

There are times babies love to stare at their surroundings and relax. It is a unique way they end up knowing their surrounding and understand what makes their environment. Thus, always learn to give the baby some alone time and let him or her relax and lie down. Some really interesting toys can be hung on the baby’s seat, playpen or crib.

Remember in life, the mostly enjoyed are those simple things around us. They can be enjoyed by engaging the sense of the baby from the time she or he is very young.

This was a Guest Post by Brenda Panin, a web content writer currently representing company specialized in practical carriers for babies. She is a passionate blogger and a contributor to several blogs. Brenda enjoys spending her free time with her baby girl.

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  1. According to a new study, babies can remember the melodies of music played for them while they were in the womb. This study helps scientists understand better how infants respond to sounds heard in the womb as they develop.

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