Quit Smoking Plan

There are millions of smokers in this world. For most of them, especially those who has been smoking for quite some time, the chance of giving up appears to be difficult. The addiction to nicotine is really a severe issue.

There’s a physical element that your whole body craves for the nicotine, along with a mental one, for the reason that many situations and habits being connected with cigarettes for the smoker. Therefore it is necessary that you have to come up with a quit smoking plan to get yourself out of smoking.

Having a quit smoking plan to help you quit smoking:

1. You should determine to quit smoking from now on. If you try to quit smoking or reduce smoking gradually, usually it takes 3 to 4 months to be successful.

2. Casts away all cigarettes, lighters, matches and ashtrays.

3. Avoid attending places or activities that can trigger the usual habit of smoking.

quit smoking plan

4. Drinking more water, eat more fruits or talk a walk, get rid of the idea of getting a cigarette after a meal.

5. When the addiction is coming, you should immediately take a deep breath, or chew sugar-free chewing gum. You should avoid consuming snack as cigarette substitution. Since snack can cause high blood sugar and body overweight.

6. Firmly rejected the lure of cigarettes, often remind yourself, with one more cigarette can cause your quit smoking plan turn into vain.

How to quit smoking through the most difficult of the first 5 days? The following are the 7 quite smoking plan:

(1) Drink 6-8 glasses of water between meals to expedite nicotine excreted.

(2) Take shower with warm water, shower immediately when you can’t stand on smoke addiction.

(3) You should have enough rest and discipline during the first 5 days of quitting smoking.

(4) Go out for walking after dinner, take a deep breath for 15-30 minutes.

(5) Stop drinking any stimulating beverage. Shift to drink milk, fresh fruit juice and cereal drinks.

(6) Try to avoid eating poultry foods, fried foods, sweets and desserts.

(7) Eat a variety of vitamin B related food which can get rid of nicotine and help in nerve stability.

According to therapist, smokers can follow below methods for keeping them away from smoking:

(1) After showering or brushing teeth, wearing clean clothes without cigarette smell.

quit smoking

(2) Replace the holding finger from cigarette with a pen or pencil to get rid of the smoking habit.

(3) Spent most of the time on libraries or other places that are not allowed to smokes.

(4) Avoid yourself for going to the bars and parties. Avoid getting together with heavy smokers.

(5) Buy yourself a gift with the money that saves from buying cigarette.

(6) Ready yourself for totally get rid of the habit of smoking in 2 – 3 weeks time.

Various Phases of Quit Smoking Plan

When a smoker want to quit smoking, he has to go through a quit smoking plan of several phases: to consider, think about quitting, ready to quit, maintain quit smoking status or back to smoking again.

Many people tend to repeat the above-mentioned phases before they can completely quit smoking, but some people have reported they found that quitting smoking is easier than what they think. Different phases require different advice and treatment.

Nowadays, there are some ways to help smokers to quit smoking. There are social support provided by a physician, skills training, the use of nicotine and nicotine chewing gum tablets for nicotine replacement therapies. Besides, drug treatments are effective for quit smoking treatment as well. With the combination of these methods, the effect will be more apparent.

Most smokers have become tobacco dependence. When they try to quit, they would be subjected to intense cravings and irritability, unable to focus, anxious and other withdrawal symptoms of distress. Nicotine replacement therapy is a cost-effective treatment.

Through the process of reducing cigarette cravings, which can increase quitting rates more than doubled. The effect has been through a brief intervention and non-prescription drug sales, as well as specialist out-patient quit smoking was confirmed. Nicotine replacement therapy is an effective aid in public health measures for quit smoking. This should pay sufficient attention to make most smokers to quit in order to achieves the purpose.

Quit smoking is to improve the health status of the people. You need a quit smoking plan to help you to cease the habit completely. If you love your family and caring others people health. You should put a strong will to against all odds, and finally persistence is going to pays off.

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