Quit Smoking Symptoms

Many people have realized the dangers of smoking and looking for ways to stop smoking. But we all know that quitting smoking is not an easy task. The probability of relapse after quitting smoking is also very high. There are some quit smoking symptoms that we should take a good analysis during the process of stop smoking usually a certain discomfort, but these symptoms are normal after quitting smoking.

The smoking cessation process will usually follow with some extent of discomfort. You should not panic if you are experiencing such symptoms.

Quit Smoking Symptoms That You May Experienced

Few smokers can have oral irritation after stop cigarette consumption. This is quite normal due to the process of gum blisters, mouth sores or inflammation in the body by the adjustment of chemicals. This also may cause by a vitamin deficiency, diet and vitamin supplements to enhance B, C that can relieve such symptoms.

Lose Focus

quit smoking symptoms
Some people found it is very difficult for them to concentrate after quitting smoking. This is due to after the removal of carbon monoxide, often a time it is accompanied by some very troubling quitting smoking side effects. After stop smoking, their sense of space and distance are affected for temporary. They will have been floating sensation and getting difficulty in concentrating. For those who have such symptoms, you should avoid driving or operating machinery at anytime.

Hand and Foot Itch
Some people may feel very itchy to their hand and foot. These symptoms are caused by the improved circulation of the body and is generally doing not last long. The improvement of the circulatory system may also cause the scalp feeling pain, and this is not going to last for long as well.

Withdrawal Quit Smoking Symptoms

As we noticed that a “withdrawal symptoms” is actually not a bad thing since this is a good sign of your body is undergoing a rehabilitation process now. You should think back the first time the horrors of smoking your first cigarette: you taste pungent, choking smell of the nose straight into the forehead, followed by dizziness, blurred vision, running nose and even tears.

quit smoking symptoms II

But after some time, through constant smoking and it becomes common, and you even start like it feeling. Although the history of each smoker is different, but the discomfort feel at the beginning and after the habit of consciously trying to kick the addiction to addictive is almost the common mentality for smokers.

People with a long history of smoking already have their brain long been accustomed to nicotine stimulation. After stop smoking the monoamine oxidase-B in his brain will be restraining the effect of lack of nicotine, thereby seriously affecting the secretion of dopamine. During this period, he will experience dizziness, nausea, and spiritual malaise together with other symptoms.

quit smoking symptoms 2For some people, the body tissues will be favorable to the direction of change as nicotine in the body already intoxicated for many years. The process of recovery to full health can be relatively slow.

Blood Pressure
Your blood pressure may be surging up. You don’t have to worry so much as after some time, the pulse can be reduced to normal levels.

Smoking Cessation Process
You should have a personal quit smoking plan if you have make up your mind to stop smoking. The symptoms cycle during your plan can be as follow:

8 hours after quitting smoking, the carbon monoxide in the blood began to decrease and gradually will back to normal. The blood oxygen will also increase to normal level.

After 24 hours, the risk of myocardial infarction is reducing.

After 48 hours, numbness of the nerves began to recover.

After 2 weeks to 3 months, respiratory function may improve to about 30%. The blood circulation condition is improved, and the limbs of the blood flow began to return to normal.

After 41 days, the nicotine in the body start comes out to vitro, mild symptoms began to disappear.

After 1 – 9 months, ease chills and nasal congestion illness get to recover. The lung pumping capacity is increasing and the oxygen supply is improved as well. The developed lung tissue renewal, lung function increases and their strength will be enhanced.

After 1 year, the risk of suffering heart attack or lung cancer reduced 50%.

After 5 years, you will reduce the chances for suffering from oral cancer, respiratory cancer or digestive system cancer by 50%. Risk of getting myocardial infarction is close to zero.

Remember to never get back to this bad habit after you success gets rid of it. If somebody handed you a cigarette any time, with just a few mouthfuls of deep absorption, the nicotine will enter the brain and all the symptoms will be immediate disappear. At this time, your quit smoking efforts have also left behind. Therefore, you must take extra cautions if you have determined to stop smoking.

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