Quitting Smoking Side Effects

Getting Side Effects After Quit Smoking?

Some people worry that a sudden quitting smoking will be caused quitting smoking side effects for the body. This is considering normal if you have such thinking. It is just like if you suddenly stop something that you have been doing for a long time, you are predictable to get some discomfort.

First of all, we need to make it clear: Your body is going to get stronger after quitting smoking. Therefore, if there was a side effect, then that effect is considered “good effect”.

After gathered information from various aspects, we can categorize the quitting smoking side effects as below:

quit smoking side effects

1. Irritable mood – for long time smokers who suddenly stop smoking, they will feel very irritable and sometimes even restless.

2. Low energy – some people think smoking is refreshing, after smoking cessation can result in short term trance and less energetic.

3. Loss appetite – for a smoker who used to light a cigarette before and after a meal, after quitting, they will feel like there is some things not finished and loss their appetite.

4. Body aches – In general smoker will not experience this situation. However, this may appear in heavy smokers.

5. Insomnia – Most smokers will experience this side effect after stop smoking. Due to many smokers think that smoking is “refreshing” as well as improve the “quality of sleep”.

Listed above are some common side effects after quitting smoking. In fact, the most important thing is the psychological issues and the smoker’s subconscious mind. As long as the smoker has a correct state of mind and strong-willed to quit smoking, the above side effects will soon disappear.

Even More Quitting Smoking Side Effects

There are many smokers who want to know about quitting smoking side effects and symptoms. Since most smokers already having such habit for many years, the toxic been laid in the smoker’s body for long times. When smokers give up smoking, the body will begin the repair process by clearing the damage parts and residue left behind. During this period, a smoker may be physically felt ill. Some people will set out some or more of the following symptoms or signs:

You will always feel thirsty. At this time, you should drink plenty of water, which helps remove toxins from the body.

Sleep disruption:
These are even more painful symptoms. However, it is quite common.

Without the refreshing effect of the chemical nicotine, past smokers may have a greater sense of relaxation. Some people feel that they can sleep at any time. Take a nap during the daytime or extend the evening sleeping time may help to overcome this situation.

Unable to sleep:
Some people complain after gave up smoking, they are not able to sleep at night. If you’re facing this symptom as well, then you can just get up, do some reading, writing or walking. Do not drink stimulating drinks such as tea, cocoa, cola drinks containing milk or juice.

After smoking over many years, the lung will produce a lot of mucus. In the smoking cessation period, the mucus will release and discharge from the respiratory tract. The cilia are back in motion as well. Usually people who quit smoking for some time (few weeks) will cough.

Many people get constipation after cut down smoking, coffee, tea and other stimulating drinks. By drinking four to six glasses of water daily can relieve constipation. Consume more whole grains, fresh fruits and vegetables also help to overcome this problem.

Sometime this can be sustainable for the whole day, and may relapse after one week. The reason is not clear.

The ability of the body to absorb food improved. Almost all smokers after quit smoking are having better appetites. To avoid weight gain, you can engage in some physical exercise and eating low-sugar low-calorie food.

Night sweating:
Regular bathing can be alleviated. Regular exercise will get less severe night sweating.

You may get a slight trembling hands and fingers for several weeks.

Few smokers can have oral irritation. The chemical’s adjustment in the body can cause gum blisters, mouth sores or inflammation. This may be caused by a vitamin deficiency, diet and vitamin supplements. Having some healthy meals and getting supplements of vitamin B and C can help to relieve these symptoms.

Lack of concentration:
After the removal of carbon monoxide is often accompanied by some very troubling symptoms. Smokers sense of space and distance are affected, and will have been floating sensation and difficulty in concentrating situation. You should avoid driving or operating machinery as much as possible.

Hand, Foot itch:
This is due to improved circulation and is normally doing not last long.

Scalp pain:
This is also caused by the improved of the circulatory system caused and normally does not last long as well.

Finally, I would like to tell you if you just stop smoking, then you are more likely to experience some of the above mentioned quitting smoking side effects. However, you should not have to worry too much. All these can be overcome with willpower. If you find the addiction is difficult to control, you can use a recommended adjuvant treatment for smoking cessation products. These quit smoking products will have a better effect. Some quit smoking products can help you quickly get rid the body from drug charges.

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