Reasons To Go For Double Glazed Doors

Double glazed doors are an absolute blessing for every home, especially if you are spending a fortune on electricity for maintaining the heating or cooling.

They make way for massive savings on the electricity bills. These doors help in maintaining the temperature inside the homes by strong insulation provided the dual glass panes. In fact, most people end up saving up to 75% on their electricity bills which gives them a very good reason to switch to these.

double glazed door

Good Heat Conductor

Ordinary glass is a very good conductor of heat. During the summers it allows the sweltering heat outside to travel inside and in the winters it does the same for the heat which has been created inside.

Because of this unwanted travel of thermal energy, the air-conditioning or heating systems have to work all the longer and harder to keep temperatures optimum inside the homes, catapulting the electricity bills.

Also, the more you use the heating or air-conditioning, more carbon emissions are you creating. If you are one of the people who feel strongly about the environment then you should definitely switch to these doors as they help to reduce the carbon emissions.

A double glazed door is constructed from two panes of glass rather than one, as in a normal door. Between these two panes is air, which is a bad conductor of heat. It doesn’t allow the heat to travel inside or outside the homes, the air hinders this travel.

If you look closely at the door frame, towards the inner edge, you will see two separate panes of glass inside which the air gets trapped. This door is also sturdier than the normal one.

If you feel that double glazed door will spoil the view of your garden because of two pieces of glass that it has, you are happily mistaken. The doors are absolutely transparent and in most cases, you won’t even be able to make out the difference.


The installation and cost of this door differ from the normal one. Since the double glazed door has more glass, it’s heavier and sturdier which means that you will have to go for heavy-duty hinges for it. When you look at the cost, you will, of course, spend a little more on it and also in getting the labor for its installation.

However, it’s also important to concentrate on the savings you will have on your energy bills because of it. Though the initial investment is more, do consider that it’ll only help you save money in the long run. Apart from keeping the heat from traveling it’ll also help make your home less damp.

The inside and outside panes will always be at different temperature and this will help keep condensation at bay. Also, it reduces the effect of UV (ultraviolet rays) and helps protect your furniture, carpets, etc from the harshness of these rays. These doors can be designed to fit any size doors. You can also install ones which have some additional security features too.

The double glazed doors will doubtlessly make your home more energy efficient and more environmentally friendly. It’s a top choice and offers many good reasons for you to opt for it.

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