Recovering From a Fire: Four Tips to Get Back to Normal

A home fire is a traumatic situation, even if your family made it through safely without much serious damage. If your home or your possessions were seriously damaged, it becomes that much harder to recover financially and emotionally. Here are a few tips on how you can pull things together after a tragedy like this one.

home fire

1. Take Care of Your Immediate Needs

What this entails will vary depending on how much you lost. Contact friends or local authorities to get shelter, transportation, and clothing as needed. Don’t be afraid to ask for help. If you’ve lost a lot of your possessions, you won’t be able to put everything back together on your own.

Let your community know what you need, and graciously accept any help they offer. You will have enough to deal with without worrying about feeding yourself and your family, too. Commercial cleaning services such as Edmonton based Grimebusters Ltd. can help them with the recovery process, as well.

2. Contact Your Insurance Agent

This process can take a little while, so contact your insurance company as soon as you can. They will walk you through whatever you need to do to complete the process. This may include making a list of all the items you lost in the fire.

If your home is still mostly intact, they can also give you instructions for taking care of it in the aftermath, such as clearing out water, covering up doors and windows, and so on.

3. Replace Any Important Documents

If your important documents were kept in a file folder in your home and are now lost, you will want to get those replaced as soon as possible.

This may include identification like driver’s licenses and passports, records like birth or marriage certificates, and miscellaneous items like medical records and warranties. You’ll be making a lot of phone calls but you should be able to get replacements for everything you need.

4. Reach Out For Support

We mentioned earlier that you should be willing to ask for help. This applies to ask for emotional help as well. This situation can be overwhelming, and you’ll want a shoulder to cry on or someone to talk with.

Your friends and family will understand if you’re stressed and emotional for a while. Don’t hesitate to lean on them as your support.

Above all, remember that you made it through. You and your family are safe, and that is a wonderful thing. As you work together to move on with your lives, you now know you have so much to be thankful for.

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