Risks and Benefits of E-Cigarettes Vs Regular Cigarettes

Every year, thousands of people die from smoking-related illnesses. While many people understand that smoking can be harmful, it can be difficult to understand incremental risks. Since a single cigarette doesn’t cause any noticeable harm, it can be difficult for many people to understand the risks associated with cigarettes. Many times, it will take five years or more for the negative effects of smoking to become visible. However, e-cigarettes can be a healthy and affordable alternative to traditional tobacco cigarettes.

electronic cigarettes

electronic cigarettes

Understanding the Risks of Traditional Tobacco Cigarettes

Modern cigarettes contain more than just tobacco. In addition to nicotine-containing tobacco, modern cigarettes contain dozens of fillers and additives. These additives are used to give smoking a clean, comfortable feeling. For example, menthol cigarettes can actually numb the throat and tongue. This can mask any burning feeling or pain from inhaling hot smoke.

A recent scientific study has shown that cigarette smoke contains over 200 unique chemicals. Many of these chemicals, like benzene, can be extremely carcinogenic. Smokers have a very high risk of head, neck and throat cancers. In addition, smoking traditional cigarettes can reduce lung function and impact immune system functioning.

Traditional cigarettes can also have a very negative impact on one’s appearance and cardiovascular health. After inhaling a tobacco cigarette, there are a number of physiological changes that take place in the body. One of these physiological changes is vasoconstriction. With vasoconstriction, the small capillaries and blood vessels of the body shrink in size. This can cause a dangerous rise in blood pressure. In addition, vasoconstriction can impact the flow of nutrients and oxygen to certain parts of the body. Many people who smoke on a regular basis appear to be at least 10 years older than their actual age. Since smoking can reduce nutrient and oxygen flow, skin can age prematurely. This can cause a 30-year-old man to have wrinkles, age spots and more.

The Health Benefits of E-Cigarettes

E-cigarettes can be a healthy alternative to unhealthy tobacco smoking habits. With an e-cigarette, it’s possible to enjoy a nicotine rush without the negative health effects of traditional tobacco.

An e-cigarette consists of several simple, durable elements housed in a shell the size of a traditional cigarette. An e-cigarette has a battery, an atomizing heater element, a flavor cartridge and a central shell. As an individual sucks air through an e-cigarette, the atomizer creates a fine vapor of nicotine and flavor. Since an e-cigarette contains only nicotine and flavor with an emulsifier, there’s minimal health risk to the end-user. All of the carcinogens and toxic byproducts associated with smoking are eliminated.

E-cigarettes can also be an excellent way to save money. It’s often possible to buy the equivalent of a pack of traditional cigarettes for less than $2. This is 60 percent less than most traditional cigarettes. In addition, the United States government does not tax electronic cigarette products. Since most of the cost of traditional cigarettes goes towards “sin taxes,” electronic cigarettes can be an excellent way to save money.

Electronic cigarettes offer a variety of health benefits and cost savings when compared to traditional cigarettes.

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