Scientifically Proven Way To Develop Flossing Habit Forever

Developing the flossing habit can be one of the most impactful things you can do for your health. Flossing is great for your gums and the entire health of your mouth. Having a regular flossing habit has also been linked to reducing heart disease, as you are reducing inflammation throughout your body. With all of these positive aspects, we still know how hard it is to maintain a regular flossing habit, or even to get started in the first place.



In this article we’re going to cover what you should be doing if you want to develop this flossing habit once and for all.

The root of developing the flossing habit are rooted in habit change, so you’ll need to apply the basics of implementing any new habit to flossing.

1. Tie the act of flossing to a trigger

A trigger is something you do directly before you begin to floss. It needs to be something you already do on a regular basis. Essentially, you’ll be bundling in this new habit with something you already do automatically. For instance, if you brush your teeth every single morning then you’re going to tie flossing with this. So, when you reach for the toothbrush pick up a piece of floss instead and begin your newfound habit.

2. Use a visual cue

If you can’t see the floss it’s easy to pass it over. Make sure you put the floss in plain view so you can just skip over it, like you’ve been doing.

Instead it helps to put the floss either by your toothbrush, or even just have it in plain sight on your countertop. Whatever you do, just make sure you can see it.

3. Start incredibly small

So often when we try to develop a new habit we try to go full bore and end up getting burned out. The easier long-term solution is to think more sustainably. By starting small you’ll be able to keep this habit up long-term.

Start by flossing just one tooth. Everyone has time to floss just one tooth. By the time you’ve flossed one tooth you’ll think its silly to stop and will continue with the rest. Don’t push yourself. You only have to floss one tooth a day.

4. Embrace the pleasure of it all

Whenever we dread something we’re less likely to do it. Try to make to act of flossing pleasurable or at least not miserable. You can think of how this is having such a positive impact on your health. Or, just try to bring yourself into the present. Focus on the positives and it will be easier to stick with.

5. Make a big ‘X’ on your calendar

You may even want to buy a new calendar for this new habit. Every day you floss just mark the day with a big ‘X’. This will allow you to see your progress, and after a while the last thing you’ll want to do is break your series of days.

I hope this article has helped you to develop the flossing habit for the rest of your life. Flossing is so beneficial and very simple. Such a small act can go a long way to making sure your mouth remains healthy for life.


Zane Schwarzlose is a writer at Greenspoint Dental, a Houston dental office. Zane flosses every day, always.

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