Selecting the Right Name for Your Angel

During pregnancy, probably, you have contemplated on the right name for your baby. You have looked on the web for appealing names. And had possibly overwhelmed on so many books on baby names but still you are uncertain of what baby name you should pick.

There are things that you must consider in choosing a baby name. Through this article, I am going to help you select the best baby name that will match your baby and they won’t blame you for having such name when they grow old.

From time to time, we ask for the opinion of other people on what sort of name will suit our little angel. Choosing a name for a baby is difficult because there are a lot to choose from yet you can only pick one to three names that can be matched together but please don’t put the name of your baby to for the sake of putting all 5 or 6 different names you want.

Facts in Naming Babies

1.    The shorter, the easier it will be for other people to remember the name. If you would like a long name, then select a nickname coupled to the original name that is catchy and easy to recall – something significant yet can catch the interest of anyone who will hear it.

2.    You can name your baby with the names that came from the Bible, after a historical person, and from famous people who has beaten the status quo in our society. Wouldn’t it be a great prediction for a baby? You are naming him after a grand person because you wanted him to be also great someday.

3.    If you are having a second child, why not connect the name of your baby to the first one. Wouldn’t it be great to hear names of brothers and sisters that are all related to each name? At least, there is a story to tell out of their names.

4.    You can also base it from Hebrew names or from the Greek or it can be Latin or any language you favor. Names should have meaning because later on, it will signify who we are in the society.

Before ending this, let me give you a quick list of some of the great names I know.

1.    Sarah – This means the Hebrew princess. It will be wonderful for your little angel – to be named a princess.

2.    Athena – the Goddess of beauty. It would be perfect for your adorable child.

3.    Emmanuel – God with us. Sounds great for predicting a tough, god-fearing son.

4.    Kysa – which means pure.

5.    Awendela – which means morning – sounds like there’s always a hope just seeing of your child.


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