A Simple Guide For Using An Electronic Cigarette

These days, one of the most famous type of smoking cessation is the use of electronic cigarette. Thanks to it, a lot of people seems to have overcome tobacco smoking. E cigarette manufacturers have applied various improvements to e-cigarettes so that it can recreate smoking experience, without actually having to worry about the risk of getting lung cancer or any other respiratory diseases related to smoking.



With the different tips provided below, people are given the chance to go on with smoking their e-cigarette and produce satisfying amounts of vapor with every exhalation they make. Take a look at these tips:

Make primer puffs.

If the e-cigarette you have has automated battery, it would not be able to create big vapor puffs that the ones with manual puffs can. If you have a cigarette with manual battery, the best thing you can do is to pre-heat the coil of the atomizer by holding down its button a few seconds before you inhale. You can achieve the same effect with an automated e cigarette by making primer puffs. This is done by making a short puff before you inhale a big puff.

Do not overfill.

E cigarettes from UniqBuy Electronic Cigarette Company can come with either a cartomizer or an atomizer. Whatever type of e cigarette you may have, the engine which vaporizes its liquid solution will work just the same. The engine has a metal coil which you should wrap and heat around its wick. The function of the wick is to collect liquid and delivers it to the coil. Once this is done, heat is generated which would draw out more liquid from its reservoir. When the wick becomes saturated, adding more liquid will just be useless. This is because it will produce maximum vapor already. In fact, over saturating the wick may even decrease the vapor being produced due to the fact that the liquid might reach up to the wick’s level, creating a blockage in the bottom hole of the atomizer. As a result, airflow is restricted. Overfilling of the wick is characterized by a gargling noise while you vape.


There are some users which think that e cigarettes with atomizers a re a lot more powerful than the one with cartomizers. This is because the latter do not have any filler material which would block the vapor from going through the mouth of the user. However, this benefit will be useless if you will be using cartridge. This is due to the fact that refill cartridges are filled with saturated foam which can get really dense. It is highly advisable that you opt for hollow drip tips instead. It will add the liquid directly to the atomizer.

Simple tips as these may be, following all these tips will make your e cigarette smoking a lot pleasurable and satisfying.

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