Six Upgrades to Raise Your Home’s Value

For those looking to increase the value of their home, there are a number of upgrades available for a wise investment that will eventually pay off. The upgrades will not only offer more functionality in the space but will also enhance the overall appearance for a home that truly stands out.

home upgrade

home upgrade

1. Add a Patio

Adding a patio to a home is one of the top 10 features that buyers are looking for, adding curb appeal and functionality to the property. It’s a great place to spend extra time without getting heavily taxed. If you or someone you know can build it, you can save a huge amount on hiring someone, which would make this upgrade a great bang for your buck. Installing an awning or roofing structure as well lets you enjoy this space for three seasons.

2. Remodel the Bathrooms

In 2011, bathrooms were considered a more important feature than kitchens for home buyers, making it important to add a decorative backsplash or new fixtures for an updated space. Install new tile, paint the walls a neutral color, and replace the sink, toilet, tub, or shower head. You can also redo the grouting to make your tile pop again.

3. Build a Fence

A fence is added security that stands out to families with kids or pets who are looking to make a purchase. It also adds extra aesthetic appeal to the design and style of the home. Chain link fences are practical, while wood fences are a bit more pleasing when done right. Be careful, though, because if you build a fence in a neighborhood where nobody else has a fence, it may actually reduce the value of your home.

4. Enhance the Landscape

Many people do not realize that the condition of their lawn and overall landscape greatly contributes to the home’s value. Fertilize the lawn every few months to keep it looking green and install new sod if the damage is irreparable. Celebration Bermuda is a great option for sod because it is more durable with foot traffic and commonly used on golf courses. Centipede is another common type of sod, making for a lawn that is low-maintenance and a grass that is tolerant to heat.

5. Update Kitchen Appliances

Even in an attractive kitchen, outdated appliances can be an eyesore and quickly detract from potential offers made on a home. Buyers won’t want to spend the extra money to replace outdated appliances, making it an important upgrade that will easily increase the home’s value. Sometimes you can also order just new doors and cases for them, allowing you to save a little money while you coordinate their colors.

6. Remodel a Basement

Instead of using the basement as a place for storage, it can easily be remodeled into an extra space that can be used as a game room or extra living room. This is more cost-effective than adding onto the home and will be an extra feature that will stand out on the market amongst other properties.

A home’s value is often determined by the location of the home, as well as the age and condition it is in. Although it can be difficult to change certain factors, there are many upgrades within reach that will ensure that the home is at its highest value for a comfortable and functional space.

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