Soft Baby Toys

soft-baby-toysSoft baby toys can play an important role in newborns and toddlers learning skills. There are many educational toys and games such as baby Einstein toys, which are recommended by most parents.

However, which soft baby toys are suited for your baby? This is quite a tough question to answer. There are cases like a mom bought a short fiber sika deer toy for her 8-month baby, but her baby is so scared of this “monster”. She can’t stop crying once seeing this toy, at last they have to give it to other parents. Another mom buying her son who just turned two years old an “Aladdin Story” jigsaw puzzle. The puzzle composed by about 100 pieces. Her son only fix for 7-8 pieces then totally gave up. Therefore, parents need to know children of all ages, their cognitive levels, and physical development characteristics in order to get them the right soft baby toys.

Here are some recommending toys for your references:

1 to 3 Months Baby

Babies are into high development of visual and auditory. The ability of audio-visual co-ordination began to appear. Therefore, at this stage you should buy toys, which are of beautiful colors that can promote of audio-visual co-ordination such as lamaze toys.

Suitable toys:
Dangling colored balloons, color inflatable animals or dolls than can be hanging around the crib, music toys, flush toys with big eye and color body, colorful little hand bells and feet bells.

4 to 6 Months Baby

Baby obsession with grip, and chew everything he can get. Baby gains emotional experience through playing and chewing. At this stage, you have to choose the toys which are disinfection and easy to clean.

Suitable toys:
Mechanical clockwork baby toys, plastic or rubber toys, soft plastic toys and sound toys. Pay attention to the toy. Make sure the toy is not too small or too big. Too small baby toys can be easily swallowed by baby, too big toys which cannot be gripped will create frustration to your baby.

7 to 9 Months Baby

After babies know how to crawl, their “destruction desire” also increases, so at this phase you have to buy in durable toys.

Suitable toys:
Toys made of reinforced plastic tableware, babies can play these soft baby toys on the bed, floor, and in the bathroom. Tumbler toys, durable toys such as Haba Baby Toys make by wood or bricks are suitable as well.

10 to 12 Months Baby

At this stage baby is keen in learning to walk. At the same time, they learn to talk and practice easy word like kiss, bye bye. Thus, while choosing toys, you may consider the cognitive development in these areas.

Suitable toys:
Ducklings, car, toys that can increase the interest for a child in learning to walk. The family toy set to help children recognize their family members. You can also use these toys to teach children to speak and practice basic courtesy.

2 to 3 Years Old Baby

At this stage, the children eagerly like to imitate mom and dad’s daily behavior. They wish to control and command the doll. Boys at this stage demonstrated a remarkable movement of energy, if you cannot let him divergence of this energy, you will be dragged to exhaustion.

Suitable toys:
Cookware toys, cutlery toys, tables and chairs model, small bucket, sand shovel, sand boxes, remote control cars.

3 to 4 Year Old Baby
Children are happy to have role playing game on professional people, including police, doctors, etc. And through small partners of the game, begin to acknowledge these roles and their client relationship.

Suitable toys:
Wearing clothes or uniform “occupational dolls”. Dolls that can do simple movements, eyes turning, and equipped with their occupation equipment.

Warm Tips:

Before a child reaches the age of 7, don’t emphasis too much to buy toy base on the child’s gender. Child behavior experts believe that let the girls play electric trains, planes, tanks, and other dynamic toys; or let the boy meddling with “family dolls” or “fashion dolls” and other static toys will help children develop a balanced emotional and rational thinking. So that child will have both intuition and reflecting mind, which is conducive for a child future personal development.

Soft baby toys is not only letting children to have fun while playing with them, they also can help in children development. In order to have your baby to grow in both mentally and physically healthy, you have to choose the soft baby toys that best fit your baby.

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