Surprising Ideas for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is always taken as a day for lovers. Though it is a day to mark a Saint’s sacrifice for humanity, the event is not considered a religious event at all. As the day gets near you start seeing advertisements on stretched canvas and different decorations hanging around the mall. The fact is that around the world in Muslim, Christian and Buddhist countries, Valentine’s Day is celebrated on the same day of 14th of February. Everyone is comfortable with having a day which is specially to mark the feeling of love. Though unlike Christmas and Easter, there is no official holiday on 14th February, people wish each other and also gift each other on this day. According to surveys, the amount of gifts bought on Valentine’s Day exceeds the amount that is bought on Christmas. These figures will surprise you but the fact is that since whole of the world gets involved in this event, the figures naturally go up. Christmas on the other hand is celebrated by Christians only.

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and the reason I am compiling few ideas here is to add something in already available options for the people looking forward for Valentine’s Day.

valentines day

valentines day

DIY Gifts

To me the best thing to come up with as Valentine’s Day gift is making something by your own hands and touch of innovation. Taking out time for someone is considered the most special thing one can do for anyone. You can order custom canvas prints of an image of you and your Valentine, together in the past of some cherished moment. Make greeting cards or small handcrafted gift items to give the one you love. You can easily find many ideas of DIY, while surfing the net.


Inviting your love for a romantic dinner in an exotic restaurant or asking them to come for a dinner at home and cooking something special for them, might also be a good idea for Valentine’s Day. Many major hotels and restaurants usually offer some special packages for the event of Valentine’s Day. There are dinners for two in a romantic environment and then there are dance parties arranged so that couples can enjoy the night by dancing and having something to drink.


Like for the Halloween Night, Hollywood releases movies for the event. For Valentine’s Day they also release some romantic movies for couples to enjoy. Movies can be an impressive technique for icebreaking especially on the Valentine’s Day. Taking out your date or your wife to a romantic movie can be a nice little surprise and a decent gesture.


These days a new trend is in for going on a short trip or vacation for celebrating the Valentine’s Day. Many tour operators usually offer some amazing priced packages for two on Valentine’s Day. There is no doubt that no matter how cheap a package might be, it will overall be an expensive gift. Since in February the weather starts to ease a bit and in many countries it is almost season of springs, the weather gets a bit romantic as well. Taking your loved one or wife to a short trip to an island or a destination like Venice will be an amazing gift for Christmas to them.

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