Teeth Whitening Home Remedies

Do you know that a lot of people are using teeth whitening home remedies at home. All of us want white, sparkling teeth and are willing to go to great lengths achieving that perfect smile. Though white, shiny teeth make you look fabulous, not everyone can afford the cost of taking this treatment from a dentist. This is the reason why many people are opt for the home remedies. All you have to do is visit your pantry and you can find many products there offering economic teeth whitening solutions.

Baking soda

baking soda

Baking soda is one of the main ingredients used in home teeth whitening remedies as it is one of the best and safe teeth whitening. You can either apply it directly with the help of a damp toothbrush or mix it well with your tooth paste and use. After the procedure, it is recommended to rinse your mouth well to avoid damage to tooth enamel.

Hydrogen Peroxide

Hydrogen Peroxide

Hydrogen peroxide is another ingredient popularly used for teeth home whitening remedies. You can also use this ingredient as a mouth wash. Hydrogen peroxide has bleaching properties which is why it is mostly used in teeth bleaching products. Highly concentrated hydrogen peroxide is used by dentists to clean your mouth thoroughly. Molecules causing the yellowing and staining of teeth is broken down by hydrogen peroxide leaving the teeth dazzling white. You must however be very careful not to swallow this product.


lemon juice

Lemons play a major role in teeth home whitening remedies. The acid present in lemons helps break down stains. This natural bleaching product can help achieve shiny white teeth by adding it to your toothpaste. Stubborn, hard to remove stains and yellow spots can be removed with ease using lemons. As lemon has a high concentration of citric acid, it is recommended to use this in very small quantities.

A fantastic homemade paste you can make is to mix equal amounts of hydrogen peroxide and baking soda and add a pinch of salt and drops of lemon to it. This is a very effective teeth whitening solution that offers good results.

These are some of the most effective methods that can offer sparkling white teeth. It is recommended to avoid eating foods that stains your teeth. It is a good idea keeping away from cigarettes, coffee, tea and soda especially if you are trying out teeth home whitening remedies.

Another home remedy for teeth whitening is to mix charcoal ashes with the tooth paste and brush for about ten minutes every day. The ashes contain a powerful chemical that effectively removes stains. You can also use only the ashes to brush before brushing with your normal toothpaste and rinsing thoroughly. You must however use only the hardwood ash for this purpose as softwood ash does not contain enough potassium hydroxide concentration.

Teeth stains can also be removed by rubbing walnut tree bark. One of the easiest methods of getting rid of yellow teeth is to eat an apple after every meal. Stubborn stains can also be removed with other foods such as carrots and celery. Follow the above teeth whitening home remedies at home to keep your teeth sparkling white and shiny.

Teeth Whitening Home Remedies

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