The Most “Ripped Off” Copywriter

There’s no doubt that John Carlton is one of the best copywriters around. And he’s not exaggerating when he coins himself one of the “most respected and ripped off marketing experts on the web.”

Due to some negative experiences in his coaching career, he’s developed a somewhat cynical attitude that shows in his rants. He was at one point the type of person to go way above and beyond the call of mentorship. But the experience of being burned has left a sour taste in his mouth. And I think we can all relate to that type of experience.

John Carlton

John Carlton – Image Source

Even though he has achieved greatness in the world of copy, he’s quick to admit his own human flaws. To be sure, he is one of the most sarcastic copywriters I have had the pleasure to read. That must be why I love his work so much. His approach seems to fit perfectly with my own personality. And the word he loves to open with…Howdy…sets the tone for his style of copy.

He doesn’t hold back when it comes to pointing out human frailties and flaws. And he seems to have the view that money tends to corrupt and distort all human interaction.

To him, life is a gamble with winners and losers. And our human egos are twisted to the point that we won’t accept defeat. This of course, leads to larger and larger losses in life and business.

For him, it’s not about who you are but what you know and how well you act on your knowledge. I couldn’t agree with that more. And he definitely backs that up with his own knowledge of copy, as well as his proven ability to apply it in his work.

In the end, John Carlton is a no nonsense type of dude that really knows his stuff. And if your goal is to become a master of copywriting, study his work like your cramming for an exam every day.

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