This Is Not An Ordinary Bug! Buzz it!

Lamaze Buzz the Bug

Lamaze Buzz the Bug

Lamaze Buzz the Bug – This is not an ordinary bug! This is a interactive and funny looking bug!

This cute lamaze play and grow bug has 6 legs that carry different features to keep your baby attracted. The rattles, squeakers and crinkling objects attached to the legs can keep your baby busy for hours by encouraging exploration.

This baby lamaze toy also has soft plush body, bright colors, multiple textures, patterns and various sound like other lamaze toys to stimulate baby’s vision and auditory development.

This is a pretty handy to us as your baby can chew on the rings, squishes the crunchy wings to make noise and occasionally eats the bugs face.

Do no worry that this bug will frighten your baby as it has friendly welcoming big eyes.  Your baby will love playing with it!

Lastly, the baby lamaze also has a standard plastic hook at the top for you to link it to car seats, activity gyms and strollers, and carry it any place your baby would like it to be.

Get one now for your baby!

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