Tips For Booking A Band For Live Wedding Songs

Many people prefer live music to a DJ or simply playing songs on their iPod. However, it is important to note that hiring a band for live music can be expensive and not ideal for a budget conscious bride. A live band can cost up to $2000 a night but the difference in quality and what is played can be memorable if you hire a good band. That said there are other benefits of live music when compared to a DJ service.<

live wedding song

live wedding song

The benefits of hiring a live band

  • Live bands are professional: The best thing about a live band is that they come with everything, so you don’t have to worry about first setting up equipment and then taking it down. This saves you time and added stress.
  • It motivates people to stay entertained: A live band playing both popular and their own wedding songs can help keep somewhat shy people entertained. However, unlike regular DJs the band can play what the audience is reacting to because they are not limited to a music library.
  • Helps to set your wedding’s tone: Sure the guests are there to see two people tie the knot but they are also there to be entertained and have fun. A good band that plays music everyone loves will make your wedding eventful, not to mention the fact that it gets people in the mood of dancing and mingling.

Tips for hiring a wedding band

There are six steps you ought to take in order to hire the right wedding band. These steps are mainly to ensure that you are hiring a band that knows how to play quality music at your wedding and not some amateur part-timers.

Always witness the band at a live show

A good band will often be loaded with gigs other than just playing at weddings. So, you should take some extra time to see some of the best bands in your area play prior to deciding to book their service. However, if you prefer a newer band that does not have plenty of gigs then at least attend their practices or audition the band.

Choose a genre

You should always choose a band that fits in with the genre you and your guests will like. The problem with bands that cover all the genres of music is the fact that they are mediocre. So, choose a band that has a specific niche, because they will be much more practiced and be much more talented. The best and most popular genre for a wedding these days is pop music.

The band and the venue

Most couples do not have the expertise to handle the stage lighting, sound equipment and the stage itself. So, ideally you’ll want to book the band and the venue both at the same time. Since, your wedding date is not confirmed until the venue is booked so make sure that the venue and the band are both available on the same day.

Always sign a formal contract

You shouldn’t hire a band that does not require you to sign a contract. Even though contracts seem slightly intimidating but in fact they help to protect your rights. There is no telling what the band may do without a contract to secure your rights. Some bands are known to back off at the last minute leaving couples high and dry. So, they should be a penalty clause in the contract if the band backs off for whatever reasons.

Have sound checks

Sound checks are important because they help the band check and fine tune the sound system to their instruments. You may have to coordinate with the band to ensure that the sound checks are done in time.

What’s left?

In addition to all the points above here are a few more questions you should ask:

  • Exactly how many hours is included in your price?
  • Will you take breaks and if so then how many?
  • Is there a cancellation policy?
  • What will you wear?

With the above tips you should have no problem finding a great band who will play entertaining wedding songs. But the important thing is to love the band before you hire them because if not then you’ll hate the music.

Manu Alias has been a wedding planner for over a decade. Over the years he has planned over 1200 weddings in Sydney alone and prides himself on providing a transparent service. He still runs one of the best wedding planning businesses based in Sydney.

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