Tips for Choosing the Perfect Bridesmaids’ Dresses

Choosing your bridesmaids dresses can be a tricky business.  While you may very well have a particular type or style of dress in mind; one that goes perfectly with the theme or color scheme of your wedding, that particular style of dress may not look good on all of your bridesmaids.

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If you ever saw the movie “27 Dresses,” you’ll understand.  So many of the brides in the weddings Jane had been in had chosen dresses for their bridesmaids without any thought as to how they would look on the women themselves.  Some of them looked good on Jane, but others looked absolutely hideous.

The question of course is, how can you choose a style of dress that will suit a range of ages and shapes for your bridesmaids?

It is a fact that a person’s age and body build will have an effect on how they look in certain styles and colors of dresses.  For example, a tight-fitting sheath dress may look awesome on a 22 year old bridesmaid, but show every bulge for the 40 year old matron of honor who has had two children.

Color is another thing that needs to be taken into consideration.  Not everyone looks good in the same colors and shades.  In fact, you may have four bridesmaids, each of which looks good in a different color or shades of the same color.  While a certain shade may be exactly what you want for your color scheme, if it doesn’t look good on the bridesmaids, it will still detract from the overall beauty of the ceremony.

One of the best ways to accommodate all of your bridesmaids is to allow for a little flexibility in the choice of dress style and colors.  There is nothing that says that each of your bridesmaid’s dresses has to be exactly the same color or even the exact same style.

In fact, many companies have a “line” of dresses that have varying hem lengths and dress styles and colors while still having the dress made out of the fabric and having complimentary trim and/or a theme (such as shading or texture) that ties them all together. By taking advantage of these “tied together” lines of dresses, you can choose the dress that will look best on each bridesmaid while still maintaining the integrity of your color scheme.

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You can also opt to have your dresses made by hand.  This may cost a little bit more, but you can also be a tremendous way to make sure that each dress fits the bridesmaid instead of making the bridesmaid fit into the dress that you pick.  By having the dresses handmade, the seamstress can fit the dress to the bridesmaid, making adjustments in the style as needed to ensure that it looks great on her!  Sometimes all that is needed are a few tucks or pleats, but sometimes a change to the style itself is needed in order to accommodate a larger or different body shape.  But by having the dresses hand done, you can keep the differences to style at a minimum and still have harmonious lines and looks.

Of course this is your wedding.  You’ve planned and dreamed of this for months, maybe years, and you want everything to be perfect.  However, by allowing for a little flexibility in your bridesmaids dresses you won’t be detracting from the overall beauty of the wedding, but will be improving on it, for you’ll be allowing the inner beauty of each woman standing up with you to shine through.

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