Tips to Speed Up Your Typing Speed

Typing speeds are one of the basic skills one must boast of or improve when applying for Internet and technology-based jobs. Jobs in data entry, customer and contact centers, even technical support for offshore clients not only demand a proficiency in English or another foreign language but also the capacity to utilize an alphanumerical keyboard for faster processing of data.

keyboard typing

keyboard typing

If you’re the type of person who looks at the keyboard while typing, your typing speed is probably equal to that of a four year old learning how to use a computer. Touch typing, the skill most companies are looking for in an applicant, is only as impressive as it is easy to learn. Memorizing the position of keys is not the only the secret to mastering this art as there are other factors that can help you speed up.

Starting Position
When using standard QWERTY keyboard, make sure you position your fingers on the starting points. The letters J and F have upraised little knobs on them that serve as positioning guides for your index fingers. Once in place, you can learn to use the correct fingers for the appropriate keys without them getting into each other’s way.

Use PC-based or on-line tutorial games. You can choose from the colorful interactive versions to make learning to type fast fun or take direct and professional courses to improve your skills. Free downloads of typing programs such as Typing Master Pro are available on the net as well as other typing speed testing sites.

Get comfortable not only with the keyboard but with your sitting position as well. Choose an ergonomic keyboard if this will lessen the stress on your digits. Keep your wrists off the table to ensure faster movement of your hands. Sit up straight and plant your feet on the floor. Relieving tension from certain parts of your body not only lessens the physical strain but improves your typing speeds as well.

Practice makes perfect
Start with simple phrases such as the generic “quick brown fox” exercise to other literary material. Pretty soon your 20 wpm may charge onto a 70wpm fit for high speed data encoding with minimal mistakes to slow you down.


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