Top 5 Tips to Prolong the Life of Your Air Conditioner

An air conditioner that is neglected will have a far shorter lifespan than one that is kept clean and well maintained. Air conditioners require some attention during the warmer months of the year. Taking good care of the unit can extend the usable life of the system by years. Five tips will prolong the life of an air conditioner.

Avoid the Lowest Temperature Settings

Setting the air conditioner to the lowest temperature setting can shorten the life of the internal parts. The lowest setting will require the air conditioner to work hard for a long time cooling the air. If the lowest temperature is reached, then it usually does not stay that cool for long. The result is a system that must cycle on and off constantly in an attempt to keep the air cold. This can wear down parts. Setting the thermostat to the highest temperature that is still comfortable will extend the life of the unit.

Replace Filters Frequently

Dirty filters block air from moving smoothly through the system. Dirt and debris can flow around the clogged filter and settle on compressors, fan blades or evaporator coils. The filters in the air conditioner should be replaced frequently. This means at least once every 30 to 60 days. Some homeowners might need to replace them every few weeks if they always appear dirty.

Schedule Regular Repairs and Maintenance

Air conditioners should receive regular maintenance every six months to one year. Any odd noises, reductions in performance or other issues should be addressed immediately by professionals. Regular visits from an air conditioning repair service can solve problems like leaks, low refrigerant levels, and electrical malfunctions. Keeping all of the parts of the air conditioner well maintained will prolong the life of the unit.

Turn the Air Conditioner Off At Night

Most people can sleep comfortably without the air conditioner running all night. Running the system all night will add hours of unnecessary wear to the parts. Exceptionally cool nighttime temperatures could even cause ice to form that damages parts. A programmable timer can be used to turn the unit off an hour after everyone falls asleep.

Keep Outdoor Parts Clean

The outdoor parts of the air conditioner should be cleaned regularly. Debris in the vents or other components can cause short circuits or malfunctions. Plants, tools or other items that block the vents can cause the unit to work very hard to draw in air. The outside parts should be cleaned weekly to extend the life of the air conditioner.

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