Top-paying Admin Jobs and How to Get Them

An administrative job can run the gamut from basic to super advanced. Likewise, the pay rate for these jobs follows the same range. You might make a low rate without the right plan or education, so it’s best to start out with an end goal in mind so that you end up on the right side of that range. Here are the top-paying jobs in the administration.

admin job

1. Management Analyst

Management Analysts look at existing organizations and consider how they could better operate their businesses. The management analyst capitalizes on her strategic mind and the ability to quickly move into a situation and assess the situation.

If you enjoy the challenge of a puzzle but grow tired of repetitive admin work, this is the career move for you. These administrators do less assisting and more problem-solving.

Most management analysts will need at bare minimum a bachelor’s degree, but the majority of these jobs will go to those with a master’s in public administration or some related degree.

No business wants a rookie coming in to tell them what to do. Play your cards right and you could be making six figures a year for your swift mind and puzzle-solving prowess.

2. Sales Managers

Sales managers aren’t just those who are charismatic and good at sales. A good sales manager is a wizard at not only interacting with people but also at understanding numbers and what needs to get done for effective sales. This hard-to-find combination makes the sales manager a kind of unicorn for companies that emphasize sales.

The sales manager will be paid in kind for his unique combination of people and book skills. A good sales manager will be starting out at around $50,000 and a great sales manager will make making well above six figures a year.

3. HR Directors

Like the sales manager, the HR director combines people skills with problem-solving abilities. The HR director creates an environment of motivation, efficiency, and productivity. The HR Director makes sure that the company is healthy and functioning.

If something doesn’t work, the HR director needs to troubleshoot. Also, the HR director can really make a difference in terms of productivity. She can assess problems, reallocate responsibilities, create new direction or protocol so that the company gets all of its needs met.

The HR director allows the CEO to focus on bringing in new business while the company thrives on what’s already been set up. The HR Director needs a BA to make $73,000 and an MBA or MPA to make $126,000 a year.

4. Actuary

You might think that a public administrator needs to be best at managing people, but actually, administrators need to be good at numbers too. The actuary falls closer to numbers skills than people skills and can help companies with their finances, predict a potential loss for a company.

An actuary usually has a background in statistics, mathematics or economics. They’ll make anywhere from $60,000 to $120,000 per year.

5. Entrepreneur

The entrepreneur is one of the most creative types of the administrator. The entrepreneur doesn’t come into an existing company to see what’s not working. Instead, the entrepreneur considers obstacles and creates a business from the ground up.

They anticipate risks just like the actuary, the HR director, and sales manager. But they take more risks than these roles, which means that their earning ability can range from $10,000 to $1 million per year. The most successful entrepreneurs have a bachelor’s degree or higher.

Administrators combine people skills and strategic know-how. They are able to crunch numbers and deal with employees’ personal issues. They are crucial to companies, and their pay reflects that need.

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