Top Tips For Keeping The Kids Active Throughout The Summer

Summer holidays when you’re a kid feel as though they lasted forever. Blue skies, endless days spent running in and out of paddling pools and playing football or cricket in the back garden.

As a parent, things feel rather different. Summer holidays still appear to last for all eternity, yet instead of waiting for each day with baited breath, time is spent finding ways to keep your children entertained, day after day. It’s not an easy job.

Until now that is. Our top tips for keeping the kids active throughout those long summer weeks can provide salvation for parents and children alike.

Head to a Local Park

Although local authorities are finding their budgets becoming increasingly stretched, many recognise the key part that their parks, playgrounds and other open spaces have to play in the life of their community. Investment in these leisure areas remains relatively high, providing people with wide spaces where their children can let off steam, keeping active and hopefully tiring themselves out enough to ensure that they sleep well.

Find a Play scheme

Of course, it isn’t always possible for parents to be at home for the entire summer holidays due to work commitments. Play schemes are run nationwide by councils and on a private basis. Some are run with an artistic theme, others more active and sports based. Of course, sending your children to a play scheme can be expensive. It is, however, a great way of having them taking part in different activities in a safe and supervised environment.

Go Swimming

2013 has been a sizzler of a summer by British standards, and what better way to cool off than to make use of your local swimming baths. Whether for a splash session with inflatables and floats, or a more civilised swimming session, it is a fun and healthy way for your children to spend a couple of hours. Check with your local council or pool about the availability of free sessions for Under 16s.

Sports Schemes

With the success of London 2012, many sporting clubs and associations are looking to cash in by encouraging youngsters to try out new sports, with a view to increase participation. During the summer holidays, many will hold week-long coaching sessions, providing expert tuition for all ability levels in a fun and relaxed environment.

Nature Rambles

The beautiful weather, along with all of the summer smells and sounds that belong to nature, provide your children with the perfect opportunity to learn more about nature and the world in which they live. Plenty of local countryside walks can be found online, or at your local library. This educational and healthy pursuit can be a good opportunity to look out for various types of wildlife and flowers.

Kit out the Garden

If you are lucky enough to have your own back garden, then there is no safer place for your children to be entertained. From ball sports right through to good old skipping ropes and hula hoops, the possibilities for active fun are endless. Perhaps the best addition you could make to your garden, however, is the humble trampoline.

Easy to build, easier to maintain and cheaper than you might expect, you can get all the information you need to ensure that your children are never complaining of boredom during the summer again, online.

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Jemma Shaw has been organising children’s parties and events for many years and set up after realising just how loved trampolines were, by people of all ages. Although she is now focused on her business, she still loves nothing more than seeing the smile on children’s faces after a great party. 

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