The Truth About Erectile Dysfunction

Many men are ashamed of employing any male enhancement products or medication to treat their erectile dysfunction because they falsely buy into the myth that ED is caused by their own mind. On the contrary, more times than not ED is linked with another medical condition and it is nothing to be ashamed of. There are simple ways to treat or even prevent erectile dysfunction and it never needs to be something you are embarrassed to discuss.

Signs of Another Condition

The San Francisco Chronicle explained that while a man’s thoughts can play a part in his ED it is hardly, not to mention rarely, the primary cause of the disorder. According to Dr. Michael Eisenberg, the director of Stanford’s male reproductive medicine and surgery, 85 to 90 percent of ED is linked directly to conditions such as high blood pressure, smoking, obesity, or diabetes. Dr. Eisenberg also explained that ED can be a precursor or warning of other forthcoming medical problems such as cardiovascular disease.

You Are Not the Only One

Although there seems to be a social stigma with talking about ED or utilizing male enhancement products, many more people experience this problem than many realize. According to a study conducted by the New England Research Institute, half of all men between the ages of 40 and 70 have ED and they project that by 2025, 322 million men worldwide will experience erectile dysfunction—9.1 million more cases in the U.S.

Seeing a Doctor is Wise

While it can be true that your ED is just a part of aging, it may not be the only reason. Since it is so commonly found in conjunction with other, serious conditions it is best to speak with your doctor about your ED so that he or she can determine if there are other health concerns you should be worried about. The same goes for any treatments or products you would like to utilize to rectify the situation—always speak with your doctor to find out if you are healthy enough to have sex and what the best course of treatment is for you.

In addition to the many enhancing products out there, Dr. Eisenberg says that men can even help prevent ED before they get it. He suggests that a good diet, exercise, and anything that is good for the heart will also be good for preventing ED.

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