Understanding About Explosive Diarrhea

Explosive diarrhea or ED can occasion your most embarrassing moment if it happens in public or in a party before you reach the restroom. It often happens right after eating. It builds up to a belly tumult with small streams of liquefied stool flowing out which immediately warns you to seek the nearest restroom. But then when you least expect it, POW! It could be just too late by the time you realize you needed to go. Like a volcano, your bowel blows and splatters its fecal content on your behind. And if you happen to wear light clothing, it gets visibly messy. Needless to say, the aroma will linger behind you that people will not miss noticing.

explosive diarrhea

More Descriptive Than A Disease
Nearly every one has experienced it one time or another, both adults and kids. But explosive diarrhea is more a descriptive term used by sufferers themselves, rather than a medical diagnosis. It’s not a type of diarrhea but can be a warning sign or symptom of a chronic inflammatory colon disorder, allergy or intolerance to certain food types or a severe case of stomach flu caused by any of the known stomach viral infections. It can also be a symptom for a more serious colon ailment such as Ulcerative colitis or Crohn’s disease.

Causes and Triggers
Diarrhea and a watery stool have complex triggers that point to allergies, food poisoning, the wrong mix of food as well as contaminated food as possible causes.  In many cases, lactose intolerance can be a culprit, in which case, simply refraining from drinking milk can treat it. In a few cases, withdrawal from certain prescriptive pain killers you’ve been taking for some time can trigger an ED episode. In other cases, eating with a severe mental or emotional stress can likewise prompt an ED occasion.

If explosive diarrhea becomes chronic, you need medical attention, especially if it comes with fever. It could be announcing the onset of irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) or Celiac disease. In fact, IBS is the most common trigger that afflicts about 20% of Americans.   A simple blood test to check for gluten sensitivity can easily be done at your doctor’s clinic.

The main cause of IBS is not simple as it can be a confluence of many factors with explosive diarrhea as their common symptom.   IBS is often traced to celiac disease which is gluten intolerance or the inability of the digestive system to take in some form of grains like wheat, barley or rye.   But diagnosing IBS can be problematic as ED can be traced to a number of similar digestive disorders.  In fact, IBS can also result in constipation which is the diametric opposite of diarrhea, characterized by a hardening of stools and difficulty in bowel movement.

Other ED Causes
One type of diarrhea closely associated with an explosive diarrhea symptom is Brainerd diarrhea.  First identified in Brainerd Minnesota back in the 80’s, the condition is triggered by drinking raw or non-pasteurized milk or unclean water.  You get watery stool that could persist for months on end. Then there’s autonomic neuropathy where the nerves involved in the digestive tract are damaged. This is common in people with diabetes suffering from neuropathies (progressive nerve damage on the tissues, organs, muscles, etc.). Autonomic neuropathy can trigger bacterial growth in the intestines to impair the intestine’s ability to move the food through the digestive tract and cause ED.

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