Unique Places To Get Married In Australia

Australia is one of the most beautiful countries in the world. As such, it is very popular as a wedding and honeymoon resort with people from many locations. However, such is the popularity of Australia that it is easy to end up getting married in a place where many people have done so before you.

australia zoo

australia zoo

To make your Australian wedding truly spectacular and even more memorable, it is worth exploring the places where you can have a unique ceremony in the country, of which there are many.

Here are some great places where you can get married in Australia that many people haven’t already thought of and enjoyed for themselves.

In the amphitheater by the Yarra River.Hamilton Island

Part of the Whitsunday Islands in the Coral Sea off the coast of Queensland, Hamilton Island is one of the most beautiful and exclusive places in all of Australia.

Whether you want to spend your wedding afternoon exploring the Great Barrier Reef or just want to enjoy some of the world’s most awe-inspiring scenery, this is definitely a place you ought to consider.

The Qualia Resort is probably the best place to get married here. Constructed out of timber and so at one with nature that you’ll feel like you’ve escaped the ‘real world,’ the atmosphere and ambience here is peaceful, romantic, and simply stunning.

You can also choose many places to get married. There’s a traditional chapel if you’d prefer to maintain some of the usual wedding day surroundings, but the beachfront is also very inviting!

Australia’s Rainforests

The tropical north east of Australia is filled with rainforests, all of which provide a stunning backdrop for an outdoor wedding. Whether you choose to get married in the rainforest itself, or stay at one of the many nature reserves that have been created in the area, you’re sure to enjoy an experience unlike any other.

If you go for a Daintree National Park wedding, you’ll have the opportunity to get married on the riverbank and then take a trip down a crocodile infested river as your first act as a married couple; not something you get everywhere!

The Zoo

Modern weddings are characterized by the fact that you can get married almost anywhere, so why wouldn’t you consider the zoo as a potential wedding destination? The biggest advantage of wanting to get married in one of Australia’s many zoos is that you can decide to do it in a city location or somewhere more remote.
Taronga Zoo, in Sydney, is a great place to consider getting married, as it offers 180-degree views of the Sydney Harbour area, while also having a large number of facilities available to hire and enjoy.

Your Australian Wedding

Getting married in Australia is a huge opportunity, and you’d be mad to waste it getting married in a location that isn’t unique and special to you. Whether it is one of the locations mentioned here, or somewhere different that you’ve found yourself, you’re guaranteed to have a memorable big day, with fireworks, entertainment, and various other things, and still have a great honeymoon to follow.

Sam is planning to get married in Australia in early 2014. Upon her return, she’s going to hold a party for her friends near her London home and is planning hire Fireworks Crazy to host a professional fireworks display as part of the celebration.

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