Wedding Car Decoration Idea

There are varied styles to decorate your car in terms of occidental as well as oriental decorations. The oriental car decorations are made using vibrant colors and flowers because wedding car is one of the most important aspects of your wedding ceremony. In the past simple decoration for the groom’s car is very popular. When the groom comes for the wedding ceremony, the car should be decorated.

wedding car decoration

wedding car decoration

Necessary Decoration Accessories To Decorate Your Wedding Car

There are many decprations used like ribbons, flowers, soft toys, sating clothe etc but the most common wedding car decorations include use of ribbon and tulle.

The color of ribbon is totally depends on your personal choice. Some people choose the ribbon matching with the colors of wedding party decorations. The white color is a traditional choice, but one can go for other colors as there are plenty of choices available. The company or the driver of your car will supply the ribbon for your wedding car. You just only decide the color.

Tulle is Essential

car tulle

car tulle

The white color tulle holds a significant traditional value in your wedding car decoration with it’s silky netting. However other colors are also there to choose according to your personal taste and desire.

Generally, tulle is made from silk but nowadays it can be available in rayon and nylon. With ribbon tulle is a must for the traditional wedding car decoration. Like ribbons, tulle also supplied by the car company in your chosen color.

There are also many other wedding car decorations according to the individuals beliefs, religions or tastes.

  • Wedding wreaths
  • Statues of the bride and groom
  • Red carpet on arrival
  • Bouquets of flowers

The wedding wreaths are identical to the Christmas wreath. Instead of the green tree branches, the wedding wreath is made by using ribbons, skills, tiny jewels, flowers, and a picture of bride and groom to provide a finishing touch.

For your special day the statue of bride and groom make a great mementos and create a unique feel experience. Red carpet arrival gives a feeling of star to a bride on this momentous occasion. The flowers are beautiful so bouquets of flowers increase the look of your wedding car.

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