Wedding Shoe Designs and Wedding Dress Designs in 2012

Think structured softness with a pop of delicate colour. That’s what you may expect to strut down the aisle in the coming months of 2012. Brides will be stunningly gorgeous in designs that will reveal yet conceal at the same time. Still taking inspiration from tradition through the use of silk and lace, the brides of the year will take details from traditional lines but give it a 21st century twist. The Duchess of Cambridge’s wedding still gives a lot of inspiration to brides and bridal gown designers.


Lace is definitely in but not in the volume it was once used. Like the way it was used in Kate Middleton’s wedding dress, lace will provide a romantic yet sophisticated touch. Heavy, embroidered lace will be left in storage because the lace detail we will see will be light and airy with attention to fit and complementary to the silhouette when used on the bodice. The style won’t be high-necked but rather just circling the throat in a simple collar that will go over a regular bustier top. Prim yet sexy at the same time.


Bustiers will still be very much on the scene with light beading but the twist will be done on the draping of the bodice. The chest will not be fighting to pop out of the latest bodice styles but rather hidden behind what are called ‘illusion necklines’. This provides coverage for the modest bride yet hints ever so subtly of sexiness. The waistline stays where it should. Neither drop waists nor empire cuts will mar the figure of the bride even if she is on the heavy side.


On the contrary the new at waist cuts for wedding dresses help shape a bride’s figure no matter what her shape or size with the fall of the skirt so styled to compliment the body silhouette. Skirts will be poufy. Think toned down ball gown skirts. You’ll see the flounce but it’s much more controlled because of the trim and the layering.

You’ll also see more tiered skirts either just slightly flaring or fun and flouncy yet never overdone and still very chic. No metal hoops to make the skirt flounce either but rather horsehair trim or crinoline is utilized to attain the graceful effect particularly once the bride walks gracefully down the aisle and as she dances with her new husband.

Speaking of walking, a bride can’t very well walk barefoot now, can she? The bridal shoes for 2012 are worth putting on display because of jewel like details on the vamp. The jewel details look like works of art and are great to see flashing from beneath the bride’s hem and when she sits down when the groom removes the garter. Brooch type details look stunning and you’ll see a lot of that this year.

wedding high heel

wedding high heel

Stack shoes will still be evident but you will hardly notice them because they will be cleverly hidden as part of the design. Ribbons and bows serve as pretty or elegant details either tied or fixed over the arch helping create stability to the shoe.

Peep toes are still very in but again with details focusing on jewel-like accessories that will make a wedding gown with simple lines look very elegant indeed. The flouncy skirts will look great paired with jewelled buckles or a brooch-like detail on the vamp. Some types petite shoes that have this brooch detail shown on the side shall be displayed to advantage in flowing double tiered skirts as the hem rises and the front of the shoe is exposed as the bride walks.

Ornately designed half-boots with peep toes also look very rich and will complement a gown that features the illusion neckline with a sleek skirt with not much flounce but flows. The wedding dresses and shoes for this year will bound to be a delight to look at and help make the wedding day more memorable.

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